Sunday, January 22, 2023

Who is Julie Bowen’s ex-husband? ‘Modern Family’ star opens up about battling eating disorders

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MANHATTAN, NEW YORK: Julie Bowen opened up about her eating disorder during a recent appearance on The Tamron Hall Show. She revealed that she developed an eating disorder during her teenage years as part of her “coping mechanism.”

Bowen revealed in her interview how she always worried about making mistakes and not being able to “control” her emotions, which led to her stopping eating when she was younger. She also revealed she started starving herself to “save time.”


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Who is Scott Phillips?

Bowen spoke about puberty and how she struggled with it. She said she “didn’t like that sense of change.” She mentioned that when she was “really starving,” she didn’t have the time “to think about things that much.” “We didn’t talk about anything, and it just kind of felt…dirty. And I realized that when you’re really hungry, you don’t have feelings. It’s kind of amazing. The body says, ‘We don’t have time for this.'” The 52-year-old actress said, “Well, I think it was a coping mechanism.”

Scott Phillips, Julie Bowen’s ex-husband, is a real estate investor and software developer. The actress has three children, Oliver, 15, and twins John and Gustav, 13, with ex-husband Phillips. Bowen and Phillips married in September 2004 and filed for divorce in February 2018, which was finalized in September 2018.

During the divorce, Bowen and Phillips split an estate of $25 million. Bowen received $13 million and Phillips $12.3 million by comparison.

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