Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Who is JT Lewis? Why Sandy Hook victim’s brother thinks Elon Musk SHOULD allow Alex Jones on Twitter

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“Coordinated efforts to censor and ban him from social media will only deepen his base,” JT Lewis told Elon Musk of Twitter’s Alex Jones ban

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA: Elon Musk, once branded a free speech absolutist, has now denied reactivating the Twitter account of Alex Jones, a right-wing conspiracy theorist and Sandy Hook shooting denier. This sparked a massive debate online, with some supporting Musk’s decision and others criticizing him. However, there was one surprising comment from someone who lost their little brother in the Sandy Hook shooting and that’s JT Lewis. He’s in favor of bringing Jones’ account back.

When asked to rehire Alex Jones, Musk immediately responded with a “no” and moved on. Jones made remarks about the school shooting that were later deemed defamatory as he called the shooting a fake. JT Lewis lost his brother Jesse Lewis, 6, a first grader in the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. However, he tweeted at Musk, convincing him to bring Jones back with the explanation that a ban would only provide more confirmation. Lewis wrote: “Elon, I lost my brother in Sandy Hook. My family has been harassed by scammers for a decade. But you should put back Alex Jones’ eyes backing up your crazy conspiracy theories!”


Who is JT Lewis?

Joseph Theodore Lewis is an American school safety advocate, writer, and founder of Newtown Helps Rwanda, which helps raise money for survivors of the 1994 Rwandan genocide. After five years, the organization has raised and donated over $35,000, enabled two Rwandans to study, opened poultry and fish farms in Uganda and much more. He even ran for Connecticut state senator for the 28th district in the 2020 election, but dropped out before the August primary to work on a national campaign. He received the Courage Award at the 2016 Teen Choice Awards. Because of his political views, he is a member of the Republican Party and fully supports former President Donald Trump.

6-year-old Jesse Lewis was one of 26 victims of the heinous shooting at Sandy Hook School. Jesse died along with 19 of his first grade classmates and six preschool teachers, but he spent the final moments of his life saving nine of his classmates. After his death, his mother, Scarlet Lewis, founded the Choose Love Movement, which teaches character development, social and emotional learning (SEL), teaching children how to manage their emotions, feel connected, and have a healthy relationship.

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