Monday, August 8, 2022

Who is James Longman? ABC News journalist marries longtime friend Alex Brannan: ‘Mr and Mr’

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“Big fun wedding next year for all our family and friends :)” he posted, promising a bigger celebration for his loved ones

James Longman, a journalist for ABC News, and his friend Alex Brannan shared the wonderful news that they were getting married. After more than two years of engagement, the British journalist and his partner were married at the Old Marylebone Town Hall in London on Sunday. In January this year, the couple celebrated the fifth year of their relationship.

The 36-year-old reporter posted a photo on Instagram of him and his husband holding hands walking down the stairs of the wedding hall. In the caption, Longman wrote, “Mr and Mr 🎉”


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About the journalist

Longman uploaded more pictures from his wedding day Twitter with the same caption.

James works as a foreign journalist for ABC News. Based in London, he travels the world reading breaking news and relatively long stories, reporting on Good Morning America, World News Tonight and Nightline, among a few other news streaming platforms.

It is a broad mandate that has taken him to more than 40 nations. Examples include fighting ISIS on the front lines in Syria; Encountered with Chechen officials over their mistreatment of LGBT citizens; Responding to terrorist attacks in Europe and other parts of the world and bookmarking humpback whales in Antarctica.

He was the first American television reporter there after the football team went missing in a cave in Thailand, and he was the first to speak to them when they were found. He was the first to secure a TV call with American ISIS bride Huda Mothana in Syria, and he’s traveled the globe documenting the outbreak of the coronavirus as it spread while millions were under lockdown.

James’ reporting from Chechnya earned him a Deadline Club Award from the Society of Professional Journalists and he was shortlisted for the News Emmys for his reporting from the Middle East, Antarctica, Thailand and Sri Lanka. In 2016 he received a nomination for the Royal Television Society’s Young Talent of the Year.

He worked for the BBC before joining ABC News, where he was the organisation’s Beirut reporter for a time. He began his career in Syria, at the age of 24, covering the demonstrations that sparked the civil war for British publications. He is fluent in Arabic and French.

In June 2020, Longman asked Brannan to marry him. During the coronavirus epidemic, he made a beautiful video of his proposal and shared it with his fans and followers on the internet. “We are engaged. I asked Alex in the garden while his mother was filming and trying to stop his nephew from running to us. And then the rest of the family came over the video.

Brannan’s mother can be heard in the video telling a young child about the incident, as the child asks what the couple are up to. “James just asked him to marry him, love,” his mother replied. Family and friends gathered on the lawn to enjoy the exciting news after Longman and Brannan shared a hug.

In an article for National Coming Out Day in October 2019, Longman discussed his coming out journey. He said he started sharing his news with friends when he was 16, and by 24 he was telling his mother about it via email. “If you’re reading this, wherever you are, know that as unique as your experience may feel now, millions have shared it over time. Some had it worse, others had it easier. But there is a community of love and understanding waiting for you. You will feel as if your life has just begun,” said the journalist.

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