Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Who is Dwayne Kemp? Natalia Bryant is seeking a restraining order from her gun-obsessed stalker

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According to the documents, Kemp is a gun enthusiast who has been arrested and/or convicted of at least four felonies, one of which involved guns

NEWPORT COAST, CALIFORNIA: Natalia Bryant, the 19-year-old daughter of Kobe Bryant, claims a stalker with a criminal history with guns tried everything to find her. She stated that she was scared and went to court on Monday November 21 to seek a restraining order against Dwayne Kemp, 32, who she alleges followed her.

Natalia claims Kemp contacted her two years ago when he was 30 and she was 17. She claims he believes they have a romantic relationship. According to documents obtained by TMZ, Natalia claims she never met or had any contact with him.


The documents state that Kemp is in the process of purchasing at least one gun and that the sale is currently ongoing. The filing goes on to say that he threatened to buy an AK-47 and a fully automatic Glock. It gets a lot worse because, according to the documents, Kemp is a gun enthusiast who has been arrested and/or convicted of at least four felonies, one of which involved guns.

Natalia claims that since then he has been actively looking for her, and therefore she lives in constant fear. According to sources with firsthand information who spoke to TMZ, he arrived at their USC sorority home and apparently showed up at one of their classes as well. Natalia further claimed the man sent her a direct message (DM) that at one point carried a picture of her late father Kobe and wrote, “Grateful he bore you hopefully we can bear him… ‘Kobe’,” and the message embellish with a red heart. According to the documents, he hoped to have “a Kobe-like child together.”

Natalia demands that the man be at least 200 yards from her, her home, her work, her school, her sorority house and her car. The LAPD is involved in the situation and appears to be in favor of a restraining order. But the judge has yet to decide.

Natalia was in court not so long ago. She was seen supporting her mother Vanessa in court as she sued the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department over allegedly leaked images of the helicopter crash that killed Kobe Bryant and her daughter Gianna. Although it has been over two years since the crash and no such images have surfaced, Vanessa Bryant is concerned that, as reported by Hola! news .

Vanessa’s attorney, Luis Li, commented on the philanthropist and businesswoman’s mental pain as a result of the pictures taken on January 26, 2020. The attorney presented photos of Deputy Joey Cruz to the 10-member jury at Norwalk’s Baja California Bar & Grill and presented the photos to a bartender, who then walked away.

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