Thursday, June 30, 2022

who is dr David Mirror? Shrink links Johnny Depp’s behavior to ‘intimate partner violence’

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dr David Spiegel took the stand during Monday’s defamation trial and gave a damning testimony about Depp’s mental state

A psychiatrist brought on as an expert witness by Amber Heard’s defense team has testified in court that Johnny Depp has engaged in behavior “consistent” with someone who is a “perpetrator of intimate partner violence.”

dr David Spiegel was interviewed by Heard’s attorney, Elaine Bredehoft, to support her arguments against Depp with the psychiatrist’s assessment of the actor. The doctor’s opinion prompted several objections from the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ star’s legal team, who later questioned him about his experiences dealing with the subject of his claims against the actor. Heard, 36, is fighting a $50million defamation lawsuit brought by ex-husband Depp, 58, who claims she portrayed him as a domestic abuser in a 2018 comment that hurt his acting career.


“Isn’t He Dead?”: Johnny Depp’s FACEPALM moment after Dr. David Spiegel’s Marlon Brando remark

who is dr David Mirror?

dr David Spiegel is a Virginia-based board-certified psychiatrist who has been brought on as a referee for Heard’s team. The doctor claims to have treated thousands of patients, 75 percent of whom had substance abuse problems. He now also claims to have a wealth of experience treating victims of intimate partner violence. Spiegel is currently a professor at East Virginia Medical School (EVMS), which he joined in 2001 after a decade of private practice as a psychiatrist.

According to his profile on the EVMS website, Spiegel completed his psychiatric residency at Dartmouth-Hitchcock and Hershey-Penn State after receiving his medical degree from SUNY-Health Science Center in Brooklyn. His areas of interest include “behavioural therapies for geriatrics and the interface between cognitive therapy and psychopharmacology in anxiety and mood disorders”. The psychiatrist holds multiple certifications, including a Diploma from the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology/Psychiatry. In 2018, he also received Virginia Livings’ Top Doctor Award.

dr Speaking during the former couple’s defamation trial on Monday, David Spiegel gave a scathing testimony about Depp’s mental state. “Mr. Depp has behaviors consistent with someone who has a substance use disorder, as well as behaviors consistent with someone engaging in intimate partner violence,” he claimed. Intimate partner violence, or IPV, refers to abuse in a romantic relationship that includes violent outbursts and aggression toward current and former spouses According to the CDC, the violence can be physical, sexual, or psychological.

Spiegel admitted he didn’t interview Depp directly as his requests were denied by the actor’s lawyers. Instead, he reached his conclusions by reviewing Depp’s testimony and other materials in the case, noting that he saw multiple signs of impairment from drug and alcohol abuse. When asked if he thought Depp’s drug abuse had affected his ability to act, Spiegel said he “read” somewhere that Depp used an earphone to “get wired” and that he was making a movie ” totally wasted”.

Additionally, the psychiatrist said he believes Depp’s “thinking rate” has dropped and that his attention span and memory are impaired. He added that drugs and alcohol “make us uninhibited and will make us behave in many different ways,” including “intimate partner violence.” He explained, “We all get angry at people … But when our brains are working well, we don’t play it out. When we have the effects of alcohol, we have disinhibition…so we can no longer interpret what is in front of you, what is right and wrong, what we should and shouldn’t respond to.”

Spiegel added that the combination of substance abuse and intimate partner violence is tantamount to “playing with fire.” His remarks came during a tense cross-examination with Depp’s attorney, Wayne Dennison, who was arguing with the medic about the American Psychiatric Association’s Goldwater Rule, which specifically states that psychiatrists should refrain from expressing professional opinions about public figures who they have not personally examined .

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