Thursday, August 11, 2022

Who is Demi Minor? Trans woman who impregnated 2 inmates in women’s prison moved to MALE facility

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Demi Minor, 27, was transferred from Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women to Garden State Youth Correctional Facility last month

BURLINGTON COUNTY, NEW JERSEY: An incarcerated transgender woman has been accused of impregnating two fellow inmates at a New Jersey women’s prison. The incident prompted officials to transfer Demi Minor, 27, from Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women to Garden State Youth Correctional Facility last month. The latter is a young adult prison in Burlington County.

Dan Sperrazza, a Department of Corrections spokesman, told that the DOC transferred Minor to the facility’s vulnerable unit, where she is currently the only female prisoner. The minor’s move comes months after it was revealed she had made two fellow inmates pregnant after engaging in “consensual sexual relations with another inmate”.


Who is Demi Minor?

New Jersey enacted a policy in 2021 allowing prisoners to be housed according to their preferred gender identity. The policy was part of a settlement in a civil rights lawsuit brought by a woman who was forced to live in men’s prisons for 18 months. However, Minor claimed in a blog that she was forced to stay with male prisoners.

Not much is known about Demi Minor other than that she is reportedly serving a 30-year sentence for manslaughter and is eligible for parole in 2037. The fact that I had hanged myself in the van I was placed under suicide watch before I got to this one When I left the dark cell I tried to ask the officers if I could be searched by a female officer, which I was happy to do… The lieutenant refused and mocked me when I asked, saying if I disobeyed his orders to allow two male officers to strip search him, he would cut all my clothes off and put me in a drying cell crying and following his orders when the male officer said things to me that I found wrong. I was placed in a dark cell inside the detention center because inmates on duty are kept in the detention unit and not in the infirmary!” Minor wrote about her experience on her blog.

“I was then transferred to the New Jersey State Penitentiary, where the guards continued to call me ‘he and d’ … I’ve been called ‘er and d’ well over 30 times, that hasn’t happened to me in the years that I’ve been primarily referred to as a man . When I arrived at Trenton State Penitentiary, several guards searched me and took me to the infirmary under constant surveillance. During the constant watch, I was off camera where a warden told me, “I don’t give a shit what you’re doing…it.” there’s no camera here..” “Everyone here is a man, including you.” Every time they opened my door, the officers would handcuff me and pull on a handcuff belt with a bat they were holding “, added her.

“This is hell NJDOC wants to put me in, this is my punishment for what happened over 2 months ago, they violated my right to safety and freedom from sexual harassment by putting me in one of the most violent juvenile detention centers facilities,” said Minor. She went on to claim that she had been attacked by young inmates. She recounted an incident where she was in a drug line when an inmate came up to her and told her, “I don’t stand behind no fagot,” and then proceeded to spit at her. “I came back and washed my clothes even though I knew deep down that I can’t and won’t live like this! , it’s hard and I don’t know what it’s like to live as a man and I refuse to ever go back to such habits or behaviors,” Minor wrote.

Minor said the prison has no cable and does not allow video visits. “As a transgender woman I really fear what’s coming, it’s clear the staff were looking for some sort of security reason to throw me out of the only female correctional facility, they threw me to the wolves and waited for me I just gave up, I am amazed and disgusted by this use of power and all I can ask is that the Commissioner and Governor’s Office please send me back. I don’t deserve to be treated like this,” she wrote.


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The DOC told that “the department is currently reviewing the housing policy for incarcerated transgender people to make minor changes.” The spokesman added that housing decisions “will be made within the parameters of the settlement agreement, which requires consideration of gender identity and the health and safety of the individual.” However, they confirmed that they are following the 2021 policy allowing prisoners to be housed according to their preferred gender identity.

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