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Who is Crush? The collab singer of BTS J-hope, known as “OST King” among K-Drama fans

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The K-pop singer has sung several popular OSTs such as “Goblin” and “Crash Landing On You.”

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: As fans celebrated Crush’s return from mandatory military service, the K-pop singer surprised everyone by announcing a collaboration with BTS’ J-Hope. This caught the attention of ARMY (BTS fans) who know him as the “OST King” for his legendary K-Drama OSTs for titles like “Goblin” and “Crash Landing On You”. Well, Crush will be releasing “Rush Hour” with BTS’ J-Hope on September 22nd.

Shin Hyo-seob aka Crush is an active K-pop singer and producer primarily working in the R&B and hip-hop genres. Debuting in 2014, he has several cult hits such as “Just”, “Beautiful”, “You & I” and “Hug Me” which have been covered by several K-pop groups. Crush is a popular name in the KR&B community as he’s friends with well-known R&B artists like Gray, Loco and Zion.T and was even part of the VV:D crew. He is now part of the leading R&B crew Fanxy Child with Zico, Dean, Penomeco and others.


Who is Crush?

Crush got his break when he started looking into K-Drama OSTs. His first OST was “Sleepless Night” for It’s Okay, That’s Love. In 2016, he secured his title as OST King for directing Beautiful on popular K-drama Goblin. The single sold two million copies and was pretty much the most talked about OST single of 2016. Crush continued his winning streak when he sang “Let Us Go” for another iconic K-drama – “Crash Landing On You” – in 2020. His last OST before enlisting for military service was No Words for Itaewon Class. Aside from BTS’ J-Hope, Crush has also collaborated with some of the leading names in K-pop.

Crush’s first collaboration with Zion.T for “Just” was a chart-topping one. He has also worked with Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, PSY, Epik High, Red Velvet’s Sam Kim and Joy. He was one of the singers hired to remix Jay Park’s viral hit “Mommae.” His frequent associates are his crewmates or friends like Dean, Sik-K and Loco. Crush also won his first nomination at MAMA 2015 when he was recognized for “Just” in the Best Collaboration category.

After leaving his first label, Crush is now an artist under PSY’s own company – P Nation. He has collaborated with several of his label mates such as PSY, Heize and Dawn. In 2021, while he was in the military, it was reported that he was dating Red Velvet’s Joy, which the couple then confirmed.

When BTS fans found out about Crush collaborating with J-Hope, BTS fans tweeted like, “If I’m not wrong Crush is that King guy?????? so popular in South Korea.” Another fan said, “YOU DON’T RECOGNIZE HOW BIG THIS IS! Crush is very popular in Sk and this is his first comeback in 2 years after serving in the military!!!! CRUSH FT. J-HOPE! !!!!!” One added, “And if you can’t understand how popular Crush is…I want to tell you that he sang this song that was the Goblin’s East…”

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