Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Who is Cara Boester? Jelani Day professor reported him missing after missing ONE class

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Cara Boester allegedly texted Jelani Day the night before his disappearance

DANVILLE, ILLINOIS: The mystery surrounding the death of graduate student and aspiring doctor Jelani Day from Illinois seems to be deepening day by day. Day, a 25-year-old graduate from ISU, went missing on August 25th. His decomposing body was found in the Illinois River on September 4 and identified 19 days later. Day’s body reportedly had no eyeballs, just sockets.

The body was missing the front upper and lower teeth. An autopsy performed by a private coroner revealed that his jawbone had been “sawed out”. Day’s family and her lawyer said the pathologist could not find a brain, liver, spleen, or organs. The police have not yet provided any information on the cause of death.

Netizens have been crying in the Jelani Day case since it came into the spotlight. While demanding justice for Jelani Day, social media detectives found clues as to what really happened to Day. In a new development, internet users targeted Jelani Day professor Cara Boester for somehow involved in his death. Allegedly, Cara Boester had texted Jelani Day the night before his disappearance.

Who is Cara Boester?

What REALLY Happened to Jelani Day? Missing organs inexplicable from the FBI’s suicide theory

Cara Boester, the director of clinical education at ISU, shared his coursework with Jelani Day on Monday, August 23rd night, but that was the last she heard from him. “He should come to me the next morning,” said Boester. “When he didn’t show up, I texted to see what was going on and he didn’t answer me. I knew he had class at 1pm so I waited for him after class and he didn’t show up. ”She said, adding,“ Our graduates wouldn’t do that at all, and certainly not something that Jelani would do would.” Boester notified campus police on Tuesday, August 24th, of the disappearance of Jelani, who reacted to Jelani’s parents’ home on Wednesday, August 25th. The family then filed a missing person report with the Bloomington Police Department on August 25, and the police opened an investigation.

People demanded that the professor in question be investigated in connection with Jelani Day’s death and posted tweets like, “Jelani Day’s story is disgusting … I’m not confused by what happened then his organs were stolen. Arrest the professor and his family. Idc idc you guilty! But I know that won’t happen. ”One person tweeted,“ #JelaniDay is investigating his professor and her family. ”Another tweet read,“ The #JelaniDay story is a wake-up call that the organ harvesting is still in full swing Be careful … and arrest the professor he was trying to meet. “

One person wrote, “I really believe it was an institution within the school that dealt with #JelaniDay … not many black men attend this school. Jelani was in EXCELLENT shape do it. “One tweet read:” #JelaniDay, someone had something personal against him. He had a problem with Professor because he knew he deserved to be the best in his class. He wanted a pathologist What did they take from him? Brain and his jaw. It was personal. #WhatHappenedToJelaniDay “Another person wrote,” Now that I’ve received an update on the # JelaniDay body, I actually believe he was murdered and the professor needs to be examined. I also wonder if he was an organ donor “

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