Saturday, May 7, 2022

Who is Alice Smith? The ‘World’s Sexiest Athlete’ flaunts her curves in a black bikini

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Alica Schmidt’s throwback beach photos from a trip to Bali have garnered around 263,000 likes on Instagram

Dubbed “the world’s sexiest athlete,” Alica Schmidt is known for sharing stunning photos from fields and other hotspots with her fans. The 23-year-old German athlete, born in 1998, recently shared a bikini picture that stunned her fans. The gorgeous lady’s throwback beach photos from a trip to Bali garnered around 263,000 likes on Instagram.

Before the start of her training camp, the 23-year-old German runner shared the bikini photo on April 19, 2022. Schmidt captioned the post, “Can’t wait to be back in the sun tomorrow 🌞 #trainingslager #gettingready.” she amazed her 2.8 million followers.


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Who is Alice Smith?

The Olympian works with a number of German food companies including Frosta and Food Spring, which specializes in organic sports nutrition. When her schedule allows, she enjoys eating healthily and cooking. Travel-loving Schmidt has also worked with SANTE Naturkosmetik and other hotel, beauty and fashion companies.

Schmidt’s Instagram Stories over the past 24 hours are full of clips of her working on her speed on the track and in the gym. After missing out on making Germany’s final women’s 4x400m relay team for the Tokyo Olympics, she is keen to improve. Schmidt was also looking forward to returning to training before the start of the racing season. Schmidt is currently in a training camp in Tenerife, where she can once again soak up the sun.

Fans couldn’t stop talking about her Bali pictures that drove her crazy. Not only on Instagram but also on Twitter, fans are spamming about her elegance. One person wrote on Twitter: “Best looking woman in the world – without exception!” Another fan said: “Very nice 😍😍😍” But of course there are also antis who buckled. One person said, “Not sexy at all, way too skinny,” while another said, “She has to eat multiple hamburgers a day.” Another person said, “Who? Who Voted to Determine the “World’s Greatest Athlete”? … The scribe for it, Major 🤡 right now..” What are your thoughts?

Her fans are in love with her Bali pictures

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