Monday, October 3, 2022

“Who doesn’t wear underwear?” Jon Hamm finally clears up rumors that he’d rather go to command

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An AMC insider says Hamm was politely instructed by a network employee to please wear underwear while filming his scenes

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: After nearly a decade, Jon Hamm has decided to address the rumors that he’d rather go sans than wear underwear after the world saw his sweetheart strutting down Madison Avenue in tight pants. The Emmy winner has finally commented on a 2013 report that an AMC employee on the set of “Mad Men” told Hamm to wear underwear because the public display of his privates was causing problems for the network.

The 2013 New York Daily News report claimed that “Top Gun: Maverick” was politely asked by a network staff member to please wear underwear while filming its scenes. A source told the newspaper: “This season is set in the 1960s where the trousers are very tight and leave little to the imagination. Jon’s impressive anatomy is so distracting that they politely insisted on underwear.” Now in 2022, Hamm addressed this topic when he spoke with Howard Stern on The Howard Stern Show on Monday, September 19, about the production and starring as investigative reporter Irwin “Fletch” Fletcher in “Confess, Fletch.” Howard got straight to the point, asking the 51-year-old about the “whole penis thing.”


Jon Hamm and the famous command situation

The host asked, “Did they tell you on ‘Mad Men’ that you have to wear underwear, that your penis is so big it’s actually interfering with the performance?” Hamm confidently responded to the question, saying, “I have every day Worn my underwear in my life, Howard. First off, who doesn’t wear underwear? Yes, I’ve worn underwear every day of my life. With a suit? Come on. I love comfortable boxer shorts, thank you very much. I like breathable cotton. Who does not like it?”

According to the 2013 report mentioned above, Hamm was ordered by an AMC employee to wear underwear as his manhood caused many problems. A source told the publication that AMC’s marketing team had to apply some free-time Photoshop magic to promotional brochures going to press to make its private parts look private. The source said Hamm “knows what he’s got.”

The source went on to explain, “Imagine how distracting that would be on the side of a bus or building. When the promotional images came back in the first few seasons, we had to work with them. Everyone was worried about too much Christina Hendrick’s boobs, but it’s Jon who has the most to show off. It’s a good problem.” The actor recently starred in Greg Mottola’s direction of Confess, Fletch alongside Lorenza Izzo, John Slattery, Anna Osceola and more.

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