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Who did Jay Z have an affair with? Beyonce references his cheating scandal, Solange Lift incident in ‘Renaissance’

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Fans believe Queen Bey addressed Jay Z’s cheating scandal in the songs “Cosy,” “Alien Superstar,” and “Plastic on the Sofa.”

Beyoncé’s seventh solo album, Renaissance, has garnered a lot of attention since its release on Friday, July 29 after the infamous elevator fight he had with her sister Solange in 2014.

Fans believe Queen Bey addressed Jay Z’s cheating scandal in the songs “Cosy,” “Alien Superstar,” and “Plastic on the Sofa.” The Grammy-winning crooner apparently performed the same stunt on the 2015 remix “Flawless,” where she wrote the lyrics, “Of course sometimes s**t goes down when there’s a billion bucks in an elevator.” Security footage leaked in May 2014 showed how Solange attacked Jay-Z in an elevator while Beyonce looked on after they left the Met Gala after-party.

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Beyonce appeared to have addressed the Jay Z cheating scandal on her new album Renaissance. Though she never explicitly mentions that her rapper husband had an affair with her sister Solange, the 40-year-old references the elevator scandal in the song “Cosy,” singing, “She’s a god, she’s a hero, she has survives everything she’s been through, confident and deadly.” She adds, “May I suggest that you don’t fuck with my sister because she’s comfortable. Comfortable in my skin, snuggly with who I am.”

On the track “Alien Superstar,” Beyonce apparently talks about accepting lies from her spouse while holding him to the marriage. She sings, “Keep him hooked, lie on his lips, I’ll lick it off.” The award-winning singer of the song “Plastic on the Sofa” takes a look at the media scrutiny of their relationship.

Who did Jay Z have an affair with?

Social media users flocked to Twitter to talk about Beyonce, who appeared to be referencing the Jay Z cheating scandal. “No way #Beyonce singing “Might I suggest you don’t f**k with my sis” in Cozy reminds her of what happened to Solange and Jay-Z in 2014,” one user said during another posted, “I really hope Beyonce gives us a song with Solange in ACT 2.”

One user added: “lmfao Beyonce gets a real ratchet on the church girl. icdr. Beyonce Ghetto fr but downplay it because you do too much. As long as it doesn’t matter if you know.” Another said, “I don’t care. This is the second time she addresses this in a song. If she’s not going to talk about it on a platform, I might not care. When she does, make songs to debunk D-Child rumors.” And one user concluded, “When Beyonce says, ‘May I suggest you don’t fuck with my sister,’ she means that Solange has you in a fuck the elevator, right? Right.”

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