Sunday, June 26, 2022

Who did EXO’s Kai cut out of his photos? VIXX’s Ravi Teases His ‘Date’

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EXO’s Kai and VIXX’s Ravi joke through their Instagram stories, which amuses fans

While we rarely get collabs between idols, there are tons of iconic friendships that fans love. From TXT’s Yeonjun and Ateez’s Wooyoung and the 97 liners, to WJSN and GFriend’s banter, to TWICE and Somi’s constant mutual support, fans find it endearing. We have another legendary trio with Taemin from SHINee, Kai from EXO and Ravi from VIXX. With Taemin still in the military, VIXX’s Ravi is the next to be signed. But it seems he’s making the most of his time before enrolling, including hanging out and dating Kai.

Well, on June 13, EXO fans were left wondering who Kai was dating when he uploaded photos of himself to Instagram and Bubble. EXO-Ls loved his casual look as the idol is seen in an all black outfit complete with a hat, a sheer top and a jacket. However, next to him was a person in a white t-shirt and ripped jeans that he had cut out. Since VIXX’s Ravi also posted photos in the same outfit at the same time, fans were wondering if the person who cut out Kai was him.

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Ravi later posted the full photo to his Instagram and confirmed it was him with Kai. He jokingly called Kai by his real name Jongin and captioned it: “That’s so sweet of you to circumcise me without asking but I guess everyone knows it’s me Jongin-ah.” EXO- and VIXX fans loved the quips, as Kai responded by saying that even his nephew could recognize Ravi despite being circumcised as he was the only friend who always wore a gold watch. Ravi then pulled Kai’s leg by saying, “How did you know how to use the repost [feature], I thought you originally didn’t know how to do it? And you even changed the font color.”

Fans found the whole moment hilarious as they tweeted like “Ravi gave Jongin 3 Loves under his last post while Jongin was calling him like that.” Another said, “Not at Jongin who says even his nephew knew that Ravi is… because Ravi is the only one among Jongin’s boyfriends who wears a gold watch.” One fan wrote, “Ravi exposed Jongin for cutting him out of the frane jahdjajsksjfks.” Another shared, “What are they doing 😭 😭 they are so funny.” One made a reaction meme: “Kai as he cuts Ravi out of his pics.” One fan said: “Screaming at how he cut Ravi out.” Another enthused: “RAVI AND KAI DATE RAVI AND KAI DATE RAVI AND KAI DATE.” One said, “At the end of the day, Ravi can’t hate you, Jongin, can he?”

Ravi and Kai joke about cropped photo

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