Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Who are Adam Levine’s accusers? Meet the women making allegations against the married Maroon 5 singer

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The allegations come as Adam Levine is expecting a third child with his wife and Victoria’s Secret supermodel Behati Prinsloo

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Looks like Adam Levine’s troubles aren’t ending anytime soon. A day after Instagram model Sumner Stroh accused the Maroon 5 frontman of sending her flirtatious messages, three other women have come forward to share their personal stories with the same allegation. This comes after Adam Levine denied having an affair with Stroh, saying: “I haven’t had an affair, yet I crossed a line at an unfortunate time in my life.”

According to Stroh, comedian Maryka and a woman named Alyson Rose accused the singer of flirting with them. Soon after, a yoga teacher also shared her story of the 43-year-old crooner who flirted with her. According to the Daily Mail, he told her: “I want to spend the day naked with you.” Adam Levine – who has been married to Victoria’s Secret supermodel Behati Prinsloo since 2014 – is expecting their third child with her. They share two daughters Dusty Rose, four, and Gio Grace, three.

Who is Sumner Straw? The “expolite” model claims she had an affair with Adam Levine for “years”.

Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine expecting third child with model wife Behati Prinsloo with baby bumps

Taking to Instagram, a comedian named Maryka accused Adam Levine of flirting with her, sharing a series of Instagram Stories. During an alleged conversation, as reported by the Daily Mail, the singer told the woman, “I’m obsessed with you now,” to which Maryka replied, “Dude, aren’t you like married lol.” Levine admitted it, but said: “It’s a bit complicated.”

Using the hashtag “#ExposeAdamLevine,” Maryka shared how Adam Levine sent her a private video selfie and complimented her on her voluptuous figure. In an exchange, the musician tells her to distract herself by fucking me. He later sends a video of him saying, “I’m stupid.” In another conversation, influencer Dana Omari posted on Account on behalf of Maryka, revealing that he praised the comedian’s “hourglass figure,” saying, “Holy f* *king f**k. Your body is absurd.” Levine added in the conversation, “I might have to see the booty,” adding, “Seeing your ass wiggle on that table is going to permanently scare me, but other than that, I’m amazing. He later added: “I would do anything for it. I would buy him a steak dinner and whisper sweet things into it. I want to tattoo my ass now.”


A yoga teacher named Alanna Zabel is another woman who accused Adam Levine of allegedly sending her inappropriate messages. On her Instagram story with her nearly 12,000 followers, she wrote: “Long overdue #ExposeAdamLevine. I was his yoga teacher for a few years from 2007 to 2010. He’s said many times that he used to tell his friends that his yoga teacher had the best ass in town and that it was cute.” She continued, “One day he texted me, ‘I want to spend the day naked with you. I was in the bath but my jealous ex saw it and got angry.”

Zabel said she then told her ex that the lyrics were for Levine’s then-girlfriend Becky – believed to be Rebecca Ginos, a cocktail waitress he dated from 2006-9. She asked Levine and he didn’t answer. The yoga teacher continued, “My ex got violent and broke my wrist. A massive, life-changing, destructive moment, and when I told Adam he ignored it, never apologized.” She said Levine then “removed me from the upcoming tour and iced me out at one of the most devastating times of my life.”

Sumner Stroh was the first to accuse Adam Levine of allegedly sending her flirtatious messages. She claimed on TikTok that she and Adam were dating before being out of touch for months. The 23-year-old model also shared screenshots of her conversation with the acclaimed singer, which shows the two flirting with each other.

The model also revealed that Adam Levine got back in touch with her and asked if he could name his third child after her. The final blow comes days after Adam Levine’s supermodel wife Behati Prinsloo announced her third pregnancy with Levine while sharing a picture of her with a baby bump. The brunette, who currently resides in LA after graduating from the University of Texas, shared a screenshot of flirtatious messages between the two, in which Levine wrote, “It’s unreal how freaking hot you are. As if it would blow my mind. You’re 50 times hotter in person.'” In another screenshot, Levine asked Stroh if he could name his third child after her — a message she received after the two lost touch for “months.”

Alanna Zabel

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