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Where is Bria Hamilton from “Are You the One?” now

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MTV’s are you the one Alum Bria Hamilton made an appearance in Season 7, where her behavior towards imperfect match Zak Jones caused a stir on social media. Four years have passed; Where is Bria now?

In 2018, then 22-year-old California native Bria Hamiton appeared on MTV’s reality TV Dating Experiment. are you the one season 7

Her bio described her as a “high achiever” with jealousy issues that previously ruined relationships. Viewers caught this match at the house with Zak Jones as the pair quickly hit it off.

After sitting next to each other in the first matchup ceremony, he wanted to explore his options, which led to several fights.

The house eventually nominated the tumultuous couple for the Truth Booth in Episode 5, where it was confirmed they’re not a perfect match. Many fans called her reactions “crazy,” and Bria responded to the backlash in an August 2018 interview with Hollywood Life.

She instead characterized herself as “raw and genuine” but admitted she had been acting “out of character” during her time at the house. Bria then stood by her “dramatic” reaction when she caught Zak kissing castmate Nutsa Sikharulidze, explaining that he promised to think of her after their split.

She also claimed she previously apologized to Morgan Fletcher, another castmate Zak wanted to move on with, and admitted she “overreacted”.

Though she acknowledges that some of her co-stars entered the show to earn money, the California native noted that she really wanted to find her perfect match and resolve recurring issues in their relationships.

After appearing on the show, Bria stayed in her hometown and began dating in February 2020. Her Instagram profile lists her as a digital creator, and Bria’s linked email address appears to show affiliation with an agency. The reality TV star mostly posts tutorials and reviews on hair, skin and makeup products.

Chicago-born Cali Trepp and Miami-based Tomas Buenos Aires are also involved AYTO? Season 7. Much like Zak and Bria, the two were quickly attracted to each other in the beginning and sat side by side at several match-up ceremonies until mathematically realizing they weren’t a perfect match.

Despite the algorithm that links her to Asia Woodley and Andrew Couture, the couple continued to pursue a romance after filming began.

They were in a long-distance relationship, and he gave her a promise ring in January 2019. In July of the same year, the AYTO? Alums moved in together.

After a three-year relationship, he proposed to her in November 2021 at the EDC Orlando music festival. The couple then married at the Electric Forest Festival in June 2022. No other perfect match or couple with a romantic relationship in the seventh season house is still together. are you the one Season 9 airs Wednesdays on Paramount+.

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