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When will 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After be released? Season 7 Episode 13 out? Eutri’s plans for Shaeeda may trump Bilal

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Usman and Kimberly video meet with a lawyer who warns them that if authorities found out he had many wives, they would have his green card revoked

Season 7 of ’90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?’ features a bevy of fan-favorite couples as they move through the next phase of their relationship. There’s a lot to unpack halfway through the season, and TLC fans can find out more about the couples every Sunday.

Six fan-favorite couples have returned for the latest season of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, and the stakes are high. Halfway through the season, fans can now follow the couples as they move into the next phase of their relationship. The latest episode of ’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?’ has some very unexpected events and raises more questions than ever before. Let’s stop by each of our couples to see how they’re feeling mid-season.


What happened in 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 7, Episode 12?

Chuck suggests family therapy

Andrei and Libby are still in Arizona with their fathers, spending the day at a happy alpaca farm. It’s been a full day since Libby announced her second pregnancy on social media and she hasn’t heard from the rest of her family. Her father, Chuck, is saddened that the family isn’t there to celebrate the news and suggests they all attend family counseling when they return to Tampa. Libby says she’s willing to try and work towards a reconciliation before the baby comes, but she’ll be done when they fight. That evening, Andrei and Libby roast marshmallows with their family. With his green card in jeopardy, Andrei believes they have enough worries and should give up trying to mend their bonds. “They’re just haters,” Andrei claims. “I can’t take care of these people.”

Jenny’s daughter has strong words for Sumit

Jenny is overjoyed that her daughter Christina and her husband Jen would be visiting her in India the next day after a two-year absence. Unfortunately, Jenny slipped out of a chair last night and tore a muscle or ligament in her shoulder. As a nervous Sumit writhes in imaginary agony, a doctor inserts small needles into Jenny.
Jenny informs him: “That’s why you can’t work seven days a week. Accidents happen and you have to be available.”

Jenny can’t stop hugging Christina and Jen as they arrive. Sumit has prepared dinner for her and Christina is looking forward to her first drink with “Pops”, her cheeky nickname for Sumit, who is her age. Sumit informs her that there has been a conflict with his parents, but he does not reveal that he has been cast out and that they will no longer visit him. Christina wants Sumit to defend her mother so his parents will accept her, which Jenny thinks is impossible.

“What I want for mom is that she feels comfortable, happy and welcome wherever she is and that she has 100 percent of you, that’s all,” Christina tells Sumit, who tells producers that she doesn’t understand it and should just stay out of it.

How to watch 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Season 7, Episode 13?

Angela checks with Angelle

Michael eventually deletes his Instagram account, which immediately softens his attitude toward Angela. But she still searches his phone and calls his pal Angelle to find out why her phone number is in his phone. “I’m his friend,” explains Angelle.

“No, he’s not,” exclaims Angela. “Find your own friend!” Angele hangs up.

Michael claims he has not cheated on Angela and she asks him to stop lying to her and to reconsider the impact of his behavior towards other women. “If it upsets your wife, don’t do it!” she proposes and then invites him back to her hotel. As they leave the restaurant hand in hand, they say, “I love you.”

“I understand with my wife, I have to choose my fight, but I want my voice to be heard,” Michael adds in a solo confessional. “I have to do something to put my foot down. If I don’t get up now, Angela will control everything, even if I come to the States. It’s going to be hell.”

Shaeeda gets caught between her husband and her best friend

Shaeeda has always wanted to see New York City, and when Bilal takes her there for the first time, they spend a lovely afternoon twirling around Times Square. She wants to get pregnant on this journey, but Bilal believes a sticky time together would convince her that “couple goals” need to be put aside if they are in a hurry to have a child. Eutris, her best friend from London, has also flown in for dinner. Shaeeda worries that Eutris and Bilal might clash because they are both strong alpha personalities. Shaeeda’s suspicions are promptly confirmed over dinner. Eutris immediately senses Bilal’s excitement as she bombards him with questions about their marriage. “I’m very tense?” he stares at her and replies, “trust me, you didn’t see any tension on my part at all.”

Bilal is questioned by Eutris, who urges him to reveal all secrets. Eutris believes he is being overly defensive when he calls her nosy. She continues in her interview: “Bilal seems entitled and I don’t understand that. It’s not like you gave her your last kidney,” she said.

Still in Prague, the couple goes for a drink with Jovi’s pal T.T (short for Thomas). T (short for Thomas) was Bon Jovi’s traveling wingman throughout Europe and is currently based in Germany. Jovi and T reminisce about their drinking and strip clubbing days, including some adventures with Ukrainian women. Jovi credits his trip to Ukraine to T and tells his wife they wouldn’t have met if it wasn’t for his pal.

Jovi would love to bring T, but Yara insists there will be no strip clubs on this trip. “It pisses me off how he’s handling this journey,” she reveals to the producers.

Usman meets the young woman his mother Fadimatu wants him to marry before Kimberly so that she can have grandchildren. Fareedet, the daughter of Fadimatu’s friend Jumai, is 18 years old and unexpectedly attractive. The mothers pray to Allah for the success of this meeting and leave Usman and Fareedet alone after Fadimatu Jumai declares that Fareedet will leave another woman after they get married and start procreating. “I’m afraid if he marries this woman first, he won’t come back home,” Fadimatu adds of Kimberly. “A younger girl is better.”

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