Monday, October 3, 2022

When is City on a Hill Season 3 Episode 8 coming to Showtime?

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Directed by Ed Bianchi and written by Matthew Nemeth, everything comes to a head when Ward Sinclair brings Dryden to justice

It’s been a brisk run for City on a Hill season three, and the Boston crime drama is poised to call it another installment, with the finale airing next weekend. With Showtime already rolling out new shows, the hit series co-led by Kevin Bacon and Aldis Hodge is set to end with a bang and a fourth season is imminent, although there hasn’t been any official confirmation from the network at the time of writing.

The official synopsis for Season 3 reads: “Season 3 takes us to Boston’s high society Beacon Hill. After leaving the FBI and throwing his badge in Boston Harbor, Jackie Rohr (Bacon) gets a lavish new job as a security guard for a wealthy family. Life is good until the mysteries begin to unravel. As an investigation is launched, ADA Decourcy Ward (Hodge) sees an opportunity to finally pull out the machinery that keeps a broken criminal justice system alive. Siobhan Quays (Banks), representing a construction worker badly injured in the Big Dig, experiences the city’s corruption firsthand while also processing the traumatic events of her past year. As Jenny Rohr (Hennessy) can attest given her history with her father, some experiences will haunt you beyond your breaking point.”


When is City on a Hill Episode 3 coming to Showtime?

City on a Hill Season 3 Episode 8 will air Friday, September 23, 2022 via streaming or demand and Sunday, September 25 on Showtime.

Titled “Whipping Post,” the official synopsis reads: “As Decourcy prepares to bring Sinclair Dryden to justice, Jackie tracks down a key witness, despite opposition from the Suffolk County Attorney’s Office. Siobhan reaches an agreement on behalf of the Mendoza family, but her moment in the spotlight is cut short. Caysen is offered a second chance by a loved one. Jenny comes to terms with the rifts in her own family and meets her long-lost half-brother.”

Directed by Ed Bianchi and written by Matthew Nemeth, things come to a head when Ward Sinclair brings Dryden (Corbin Bernsen) to justice. Perhaps Jenny (Jill Hennessy) is the one to watch out for, having met a half-brother who hasn’t been introduced on the show to date, and with those storylines not necessarily being rounded up, there’s every chance of an upcoming Season 4 in .

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