Sunday, October 2, 2022

What was this “regret button” coach from “The Voice” talking about?

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Those big red buttons are one of the features that make The Voice a one-of-a-kind talent show. When the trainers press the button and their chair turns to show interest in an artist, everyone involved gets excited.

In Season 14, the button was given a new purpose – it could be used to prevent another artist from recruiting a contestant. Reactions to the block power have been mixed, but over time it has become a staple of the show.

New trainer Camila Cabello has come up with a new use for the button, and she said on the second night of the blind auditions that she would suggest it to the producers. On the September 20 episode of Season 22, Cabello appeared disappointed after a no-chair turn occurred for an artist named Coco. After meeting the Mobile, Alabama resident, she wished she’d pushed her button.

Cabello then told viewers, “I actually propose the idea of ​​having a regret button. You can only use it once, similar to the block button. If you see someone, hear them speak, or somehow fall in love with them afterwards, you press the regret button and suddenly you’re back in the fight.”

Cabello gave no indication of whether or not manufacturers are considering the idea. However, viewers have seen time and again that coaches regret not having turned around once they have met a particular artist. So the idea has some validity.

The problem is that the concept of “The Voice” is for coaches to push their buttons without knowing what the person looks like, how they’re dressed, or how much charisma they exude. It’s supposed to be about the voice (hence the name).

If coaches could change their minds after receiving additional information, it could dilute the uniqueness of the show’s concept. Then again, if they could only use it once each, most of the premise could remain intact. There are many perspectives to consider here.

The question arises as to how blind the blind auditions actually are. According to Women’s Day magazine, an insider revealed that “the four coaches are actually told who is performing, defeating the show’s purpose of ‘the voice’ being anonymous. They are often given a name or backstory to ensure they are asking the right questions. It’s better television when the coaches know who they are.”

“The Voice” executive producer Audrey Morrissey told Gold Derby during an on-air roundtable in June, “We’re constantly trying to find ways to use the button.” Morrissey asked, “How can we move forward , without jumping on the shark? Steal first, then block…People love the button. We’ve talked for years about incorporating the button into the live shows. Is there a way to use the button in the live shows?”

During the roundtable, Morrissey asked the audience to submit their ideas for unique uses of the button. Maybe she should have just asked Camila Cabello.

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