Monday, August 8, 2022

WHAT THE HELL? Love Island fans left furious after Luca shoved Gemma while she was speaking to Adam Collard

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LOVE Island fans were furious tonight after Luca Bish pushed Gemma Owen out of the way.

The 23-year-old fishmonger evaded Michael Owen’s 19-year-old daughter after she spoke to new arrival Adam Collard.

She was seen walking away after the nudge and asked: “Did you just see that?”

Fans weren’t impressed, with one writing: “Luca pushes Gemma oh hell nawwwwwww.”

Another wrote: “Did Luca just shove Gemma because he saw Adam introduced himself to her?”

A third tweeted: “Luca you wacko the way you’re acting cuz Adam was talking to Gemma.”

Another asked: “Why did Luca please push Gemma like that???????”

Another simply told him, “Grow up,” while a shocked viewer wrote, “What the heck?”

Luca and the boys returned from their spa day to find that there was a new boy at the villa.

He wasn’t even that new, however – starring Adam, a Villa veteran known for his bed jumping on the show.

The reality star chatted up Gemma while Luca was away and the fishmonger returned to the sights of the celebrity hunk with his girl.

He happily yelled, “Honey, I’m home,” but his face screwed up when he saw the new guy.

“Oh,” he said. “What does he do?”

His timing was particularly unfortunate as Adam had just finished telling Gemma he liked her.

Gemma had asked him, “Where’s your head?”

He replied, “I am an open book. I want to see if I can get to know everyone.

“But I’m not going to lie, if we were just looking away from previous relationships, it would be you and Paige.

She replied, “Really?” He replied as the boys wandered over, “Looks good. But we’ll see.”

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