Wednesday, December 8, 2021

What the critics say about Adele’s “excruciating” new album and when it will be released

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Adele was more experimental at 30, with the new album divorcing her husband Simon Konecki. examined

Adele was apparently more experimental in 30thinvestigating her divorce from husband Simon Konecki – that’s what reviewers have said.

The reviews are in, and it seems Adele’s new album is set to be as big a hit as her previous three.

the I‘s Kate Solomon gave it four stars and called it her best album to date.

She said, “However, I believe that none of us were prepared for the sheer agony 30th. It mixes Adele’s burning, signature ballad with iPhone voice memos, big beats, and lyrics so raw that you are almost embarrassed to be privy to them, as if you were caught reading her mind.

“This is a record from a woman in turmoil, from angry nights of wine to quiet, tearful moments that ask, ‘What am I after all this? And why, when we have so much love, didn’t it work? ‘”

“Adele was pushed out of her comfort zone and the result is an album that dwarfs her previous oeuvre. 30th is awesome and messy, polished and painful. It’s Adele, but not as we know her. “

the Telegraph Neil McCormack gave it five stars and said again that it was the best work yet.

The times’Picking four stars, s Will Hodgkinson said, “Adele’s voice remains remarkable: pure and pristine, with its extremely rare ability to convey great drama, small intimacy and throwaway humor all at the same time.”

But he wondered if Adele was still relatable to her Beverly Hills lifestyle.

The mirrorAshleigh Rainbird’s Ashleigh Rainbird gave him five stars, saying, “We hear their bitterness, anger, remorse and shame in a collection of Motown-inspired, soulful songs that evolve into the epic piano ballad Be lovedbefore Adele finally admits that Love is a game only fools would play and defiantly declares that she no longer makes fools.

“Divorce never sounded so good.”

and The sun’s Simon Boyle also thought it was worth five stars, saying, “Your latest songs make up one of the most painstaking, thoughtful and brilliant records I’ve heard in a long time – if not at all”.

Despite that praise, NME’s El Hunt thought it was only worth three stars and that Adele’s experiments had yielded mixed results. “After fair allegations of having played it safe musically in the past, it is refreshing to see the pop titan enter bolder terrain – even if the hit rate is not 100 percent.”

The new album is slated for release on November 19th in one of the most anticipated UK music releases in recent years.

It is the successor from 2015 25th, reflects on a turbulent time in the singer’s life amid her divorce from charity boss Simon Konecki.

Adele previously said of the album: “It was my ride-or-die during the most tumultuous times of my life. When I wrote it, it was my friend who came over with a bottle of wine and a snack to cheer me up.

“My wise friend who always gives the best advice … the friend who stayed up all night and just held my hand while I sobbed relentlessly without knowing why.”

She shared the 12-song tracklist for 30th on November 1st with songs called “I Drink Wine”, “Strangers By Nature” and “Love Is A Game”.

1. “Strangers by nature”
2. “Easy to me”
3. “My little love”
4. “Weep your heart out”
5. “Oh my god”
6. “Can I get it”
7. I drink wine “
8. Interlude “All Night Parking” (with Erroll Garner)
9. “Women like me”
10. “Hold on”
11. “To be loved”
12. “Love is a game”
Bonus tracks:
13. “Wild Wild West”
14. “Can’t be together”
15. “Easy on Me” (with Chris Stapleton)

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