Sunday, August 7, 2022

What Retta Said About ‘Good Girls’ Being Canceled

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The NBC show has been the subject of many rumors as to why it was cancelled. This followed reports that the show was going to be renewed, which then turned out to be false.


The comedy drama series good girls has a cult following and was popular on Netflix — but that wasn’t enough to earn the show a Season 5.


Actress Retta, who played Ruby Hill on the show, has now given her opinion on why the show ended.


That Parks and Recreation star hinted that “one person” ended up killing the show’s chances of renewal.


Here’s what the good girls said the actor — and what we knew beforehand about why the show didn’t return for Season 5.


On Live with Kelly and Ryan On Monday, Retta said the show was “very close” to being renewed, reports suggested. She then accused “one person [who] ruined it for the entire cast and crew and that’s why it’s not back.”


When asked by co-host Kelly Ripa why this person could not have been dropped from the show, Retta said, “I think it was a little too close to when [the writers] would have to start and figure out the story, so… no. Trust me Kelly, I’m salty!”


Retta did not say who this “one person” was during the performance.


There were previously rumors of a strained working relationship between actress Christina Hendricks, who portrayed Beth, and her co-star Manny Montana, who played Rio on the NBC and Netflix show.


In a panel for the show in 2020, Hendricks said, “Manny calls [me]… Chris. Nobody in my life calls me Chris. it’s not my name I think it’s totally stupid. And he never took a chance to see that I hate it. It’s really weird.”


She previously described her working relationship with the actor as “just a very respectful job … it’s a lot more professional than you think.”


Montana himself, meanwhile, continued The total celebrity show: “We come in, do our work and then go home. It’s very businesslike.”


After the cancellation, several outlets reported that the show’s demise was due in part to the collapse of contract negotiations with Montana. TV Line also reported that the network couldn’t financially keep the show going – although the show was a hit on Netflix, the show suffered from low ratings on its previous network.


At the time of good girlsRetta did not post the cancellation publicly about the end of the series. However, her co-star Mae Whitman described herself as “sad and confused” about what had happened. Hendricks, meanwhile, shared a meme that her character saw in it good girls respond to the news by shielding Whitman’s character’s eyes.


good girls Seasons 1 through 4 will stream on Netflix.

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