Wednesday, November 30, 2022

What really happened to Vanessa Guillen? The Netflix documentary explores the infamous Fort Hood murder

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The docuseries, set for release on November 17, 2022, will focus on the deceased US Army soldier who was brutally murdered at the Texas Army post

BELTON, TEXAS: In June 2020, a shocking event shook across America after authorities discovered the partial human remains of Vanessa Guillen near the Leon River in Belton, Texas. Guillen was a Fort Hood soldier who disappeared earlier this year in April. The discovery of her remains and the mystery behind her death sparked massive outrage, as her family had also made allegations that Guillen had been sexually molested. Her story even prompted Netflix to release a true crime documentary about it.

Netflix announced that the documentary I am Vanessa Guillen, a docuseries based on the life and death of US soldier Guillen, will be released in November. The upcoming series has reignited many viewers’ interest in Guillen’s brutal murder. According to CNN, Guillen had called home to tell her family that she had been subjected to sexual harassment while serving in the army. The allegations put the military in the spotlight for having a “flawed system.” They were even called out for their ignorance when handling reports of sexual harassment and assault. Now that Netflix is ​​set to release the docuseries, many are wondering what really happened to the soldier. Read on to know.


Who Was Vanessa Guillen?

Specialist Guillen was a Fort Hood soldier from Houston, Texas. Her mother, Gloria Guillen, stated that Vanessa was interested in the armed forces from a young age. Her favorite toy was her brother’s toy gun. While Gloria was against the decision, Vanessa was adamant and signed in on the arm after she turned 18. Athletic Vanessa even played soccer, lifted weights, and ran on cross-country teams.

Guillen was reported missing on April 23, 2022, sparking an investigation into her disappearance. No reference to the military wife was found until June 30, when her remains were discovered near the Leon River. It was later revealed that Vanessa had been beaten to death and her body hacked into pieces and disposed of. Aaron Robinson, a comrade, was arrested as a suspect.

It was then revealed that Robinson had killed Vanessa after she found out he was dating another soldier’s wife – Cecily Aguilar. Robinson feared getting in trouble with the army for fraternizing with a comrade’s wife, which would be against the rules.

According to CNN, Aguilar Robinson also helped solve the crime. Aguilar and Robinson placed the bones in three or four holes, figuring they wouldn’t be discovered for a few years

I Am Vanessa Guillen will be released exclusively on Netflix on November 17, 2022.

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