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What is Nikki Haley’s real name? Sunny Hostin has been criticized for saying the ex-ambassador is a “chameleon”.

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Hostin hinted that Haley was aware of her ethnicity, so she changed her name, although “Nikki” is her middle name and has been hers since childhood

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley called The View co-host Sunny Hostin a “racist” for not using her Indian first name on the show. On Tuesday’s episode, Hostin attacked Haley and declared the former South Carolina governor to be a “chameleon.”

Hostin also claimed Haley does not use her Indian name to address Republican voters. Shortly after this statement was made on The View, an angry backlash began on Twitter.


“Why isn’t Sunny Hostin fired already?”

Haley later responded to the situation on Twitter. She tweeted: “Thanks for your concern @Sunny. It’s racist of you to judge my name. Nikki is an Indian name and it’s on my birth certificate – and I’m proud of that. Sad is the hypocrisy of the left towards conservative minorities. By the way, last time I checked that Sunny isn’t your maiden name…”

Hostin made the comment about Haley’s name on Tuesday’s episode when co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin was involved in a discussion about who the Republican nominee for the 2024 presidential election should be. “I’d love to see Nikki Haley, I’d love to see Liz Cheney…” Griffin said. To which Hostin replied, “And Nikki Haley, the chameleon, and Liz Cheney, who is now the savior of – is.”

However, Griffin was supportive of Haley, saying, “I think Nikki Haley was an incredibly effective governor.” The co-host wasn’t ready to let it go, and Hostin fixed on the name again, asking Griffin, “What’s her real name, again?”. Meanwhile, Griffin, an American diplomat, explained, “A lot of people don’t call each other by their real names.” Still, Hostin went further on the subject, saying, “You know, I think if she tends to approach someone of color be.”

Griffin once again supported Haley, adding, “So Nikki Haley has been gone from Nikki since she was a kid. It’s documented in high school. I wouldn’t be shocked if someone, an Indian woman, actually grew up in South Carolina at that time I did it to avoid prejudice. So I just want to be careful about criticizing her for going by a name she’s always used.

But Hostin didn’t back down, claiming, “Yes, there are some of us who can be chameleons and choose not to embrace our ethnicities so that we can persist.” At the time, another co-host, Sara Haine, explained, ” Sunny, you go by a different name.” Hostin then claimed, “Most Americans cannot pronounce Asuncion because of the under-literacy in our country.”

She then continued, “But sometimes I’d say what Alyssa says, people who are attracted to different names for different reasons.” Whoopi Goldberg, real name Caryn Johnson, then decided to end the conversation, saying, ” I’m going to end this conversation,” she told the audience, claiming, “I’m authentically myself, I’m Whoopi Goldberg, and we’ll be right back.”

Netizens reacted quickly to the controversy. One user commented, “Why hasn’t Sunny Hostin been fired already? I’m so sick of these on air talents and their racist comments. Totally disgusting. Today she was on The View making fun of Indian Americans. No time for that. It should be canned immediately. @ABC #theview #racism #nikki #haley” Another user slammed her saying, “I just find it funny that @sunny has a lot to say about Nikki Haley. but praises Robert “Beto” O’Rourke every chance she gets. You’d think Asunción “Sunny” Hostin would take on a white guy usurping a Hispanic nickname for political purposes, but I don’t think so.” Courtis Hock commented, “ABC’s Sunny Hostin could – just could – be a racist for this disgusting slander of Nikki Haley, calling her a “chameleon” and implying that she adopted “Nikki” as a fake name lest Republicans be deterred by her Native American heritage.”

Jason Rantz tweeted: “TV’s dumbest lawyer @sunny Hostin is effectively calling @NikkiHaley a sell out. Sunny is a vile human being.” Another user stated, “Liberal commenters can’t seem to get beyond Nikki Haley’s name and race-based attacks. Sunny Hostin was the last to slam Haley for avoiding being a “person of color” and one of those people “that don’t pass by.” their actual real names.”

Another user chimed in: “Sunny Hostin is arrogant and full of pride! Your comment about Nikki Haley is insensitive and judgmental! You fell flat on your face with that comment, Sunny!!! What a shame!” One tweeted, “She said Most Americans can’t pronounce Asuncion because she’s ‘the undereducated’?! WTH?! She’s the most racist, classy, ​​hypocritical I’ve ever seen. Also on the podium is Caryn Elaine Johnson aka Whoopi Goldberg Confidence sure isn’t ‘It’s not her forte, is it?’

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