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What is Kate Bush Net Worth? The singer makes a whopping $200,000 a week from the song “Running Up That Hill.”

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Kate Bush is flying high with the success of Stranger Things Season 4, in which her classic song “Running Up That Hill” was a crucial aspect of the story

The success of Stranger Things season 4 has worked wonders for Kate Bush as her classic song “Running Up That Hill” plays a big part in the storyline and nets her a large sum of money. “Stranger Things,” a popular Netflix series, featured the song as a crucial aspect of the story. On the show, Hawkins’ children quickly discovered that listening to their favorite song is one of the keys to surviving an encounter with Vecna, season four’s monster enemy. As Vecna ​​stalked little Max, he was spared from his deadly catches by listening to the Kate Bush song she had been playing all season.

Since then, “Running Up That Hill” has grown in popularity as new viewers were introduced to the song. It has become so successful that, according to Billboard, the track has finally reached the top of the UK music chart 37 years after it was first released in 1985. The song also tops the charts in a number of countries including Ireland, Australia, Germany, Canada and New Zealand and is being found and enjoyed by new listeners every day. All of this success has been phenomenal for Kate Bush, especially as the recording rights to the song are owned by her company, Noble & Brite. The song has had 57 million streams worldwide on Spotify. According to Music Business Worldwide, that means the artist owns more than $200,000 in recorded music royalties from a single platform on a single streaming platform in a single week.


‘Stranger Things’ Season 4: Kate Bush thanks fans after ‘Running Up That Hill’ tops chart

Stranger Things: Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’ tops the charts after appearing on a Netflix show

What is Kate Bush Net Worth?

And it was later revealed that the artist gave permission to use her song on Stranger Things because she’s a fan of the Netflix show. She recently issued a statement describing her newfound affection for her song as “absolutely brilliant” and thanking everyone who loved him, including the Duffer Brothers, “for creating something with so much heart.”

Meanwhile, Celebrity Net Worth has Bush valued at over $60 million. During her career, Bush has been nominated for 13 Brit Awards. In 1987 she was awarded Best British Artist. The artist has also been nominated for three Grammy Awards. In 2002 Bush received the Ivor Novello Award for Outstanding Contribution to British Music. She was awarded a CBE for services to music at the 2013 New Year Honors. The singer has been nominated three times for induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, most recently in 2018.

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