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“What If I Peel Your Damn Hair”: “Emotional” iO Tillett Wright Says He Heard Amber Heard SCREAMING

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Amber Heard’s friend iO Tillett Wright said Johnny Depp is kind but concerned and can be “incredibly cruel and mean” when drunk

Amber Heard’s girlfriend iO Tillett Wright testified Tuesday, May 17, about a phone call in which Johnny Depp threatened to “peel” Heard’s hair back. Wright sounded close to tears in a recorded statement from March 2022 as he described how Depp accused Wright and Heard of defecating on his side of the bed.

When Wright and Heard laughed at the idea, Depp reportedly got angry before threatening his ex-wife. “Do you think I hit you?” Depp reportedly asked Heard, “What if I pull back your f**king hair?” Wright, who spoke to the then-married couple over loudspeakers, described how the couple fought, until there was a scream from Heard before the phone fell off. Wright was previously close to both Heard, 36, and Depp, 58.


For the uninitiated, Heard took the stand for her third day of testimony in Fairfax, Va., in Depp’s $50 million defamation lawsuit and denied having a bowel movement in the marital bed she shared with Johnny Depp at the time. She claimed the real culprit was the couple’s Yorkshire terrier. Depp had previously reportedly said he believed either Heard or one of her friends was responsible for the “poo” incident.

Wright, 36, said Depp is kind but concerned and can be “incredibly cruel and mean” when drunk. He said that when Depp was drunk, he would insult everyone, including Heard and even his fans. Wright also said Depp used drugs in front of his children Lily-Rose, 22, and Jack, 20.”[Heard] has no talent,” the actor Wright reportedly said. “And when her boobs start sagging and her face starts to wrinkle, nobody’s going to care about anything about her, so she’d better find another way to survive.” Wright said Depp made those comments while Heard was upstairs was and cried.

Heard also sent Wright a chilling video that was shown in court in February 2016. “Did something happen to you this morning?” Heard asks Depp in the clip as he slams a closet door. The pair continue to argue until Depp gets closer to the camera, seemingly pouring a tall glass of wine. “You want to see crazy stuff?” he says. “I’m gonna fuck you crazy.” Depp then notices the camera and the screen goes black.

In recent developments in the case, Johnny Depp’s attorney Amber Heard has grilled her allegations that Depp sexually assaulted her with a liquor bottle. The lawyer also produced what appeared to be love letters, in which the ‘Aquaman’ actress wrote that she wanted to “rip him up”. Depp’s attorney, Camille Vasquez, began the second day of cross-examining Heard by asking her about her allegation that Depp injured her with a bottle of Maker’s Mark bourbon during an argument in March 2015 when the two were married. Vasquez asked why there were no medical records of the abuse. “I didn’t seek treatment,” Heard said in Fairfax County Circuit Court in Virginia.

When Vasquez pressed Heard that night about the course of the fight, she said she couldn’t remember the exact sequence of events. “Like I’ve always said, I don’t remember exactly what happened first, or the order,” she said. Heard had previously testified that she feared the bottle inserted into her was broken, but a photograph taken after the alleged assault and presented in court showed the bottle was intact.

However, Depp has claimed that he was the victim and was not heard. He claimed he lost the tip of his middle finger when Heard threw a vodka bottle at him. He claimed he then tried to hide from Heard, who was walking around the house looking for him and banging on doors.

“You’re the one who attacked someone with a bottle in Australia, aren’t you, Ms. Heard?” Vasquez asked. ‘You weren’t scared of him at all, were you?’ ‘I didn’t attack Johnny in Australia. I never attacked Johnny,” Heard replied.

Vasquez also asked Heard about love letters she wrote to Depp in the months following the alleged attack. “True love isn’t just about the madness of passion…it’s about your best friend,” she wrote in a letter to her husband. “I want to tear you apart.” The handwritten note was signed “Slim,” a name Depp used to address her at the time. In another letter, Heard wrote to Depp that he was the “last person I ever wanted to hurt” and “there is never enough reason to hurt you.”

Heard claimed she believes Depp has committed to sobriety after the alleged fight in Australia. She said most of the assault and abuse happened when Depp was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. “When things were good, they were really good,” she said.

The process is now in its fifth week. Depp and Heard are at odds over a 2018 op-ed she wrote for the Washington Post in which she described herself as a domestic violence survivor.

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