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What day and time will Season 2 of Too Hot To Handle: Brazil be released? And everything else about the dating show

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Too Hot To Handle: Brazil Season 2 is here and it’s only getting hotter

TIBAU DO SUL, BRAZIL: The Hottest Dating Show is back on Netflix for Season 2. Too Hot To Handle: Brazil, which was renewed for a new season by the streaming giant last November, will be back with a brand new season soon, and fans can expect twice the drama, sexual frustration, and mayhem. As contestants compete for the $100,000 cash prize, will Season 2 make deeper human connections? Only time can tell. Until then, you can catch up on Season 1.

A spin-off of the Netflix hit Too Hot To Handle, Too Hot To Handle: Brazil takes a Latin twist. This show joins the streaming platform’s existing roster of dating shows such as Dated And Related, Love Is Blind, and Dating Around: Brazil. The series follows a group of attractive Brazilian men and women spending time together at a dreamy beach resort. Your only challenge: Try not to engage in sexual activity.


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When is Too Hot To Handle: Brazil season 2 out?

Fans can watch the series when it premieres on Netflix. The episodes of the season have not yet been announced by Netflix. But if it’s like its predecessor, it could be around eight to ten episodes.

In classic “Too Hot To Handle” style, the names of the contestants will not be announced until the first episode of the second season is released. Until then, all we know is that the season will be hosted and commentated by Brazilian actress and comedian Bruna Louise.

Too Hot To Handle: Brazil, also known as Brincando Com Fogo in Portuguese, will feature a similar premise in Season 2 as in Season 1. A group of some of Brazil’s hottest, sexiest people will spend time together at an upscale beach resort. Refrain from any kind of sexual activity, including kissing. Contestants compete for a $100,000 cash prize. Traditionally, any rule broken without the permission of Lana, the automated host, will see the group’s prize money dwindle. Along the way, contestants will come and go to spice things up at the mansion, and contestants’ restraint will be tested as sparks fly between the flirtatious actors.

Just like Season 1 of the sexually-driven show, Season 2 is pumped with moments of drama and sexual tension cut with a knife. The dating reality show places a group of beautiful singles in a tropical locale and encourages them to pursue romantic relationships without dating. Each time contestants kiss, have sex, or are left out in any way, their $100,000 grand prize is reduced by a certain value based on the sexual act they engage in. Fans of the show can certainly expect double the drama and sexual tension in Season 2. To keep contestants in check, the show’s automated presenter, Lana, watches their every move. At the end of the first season, each of the remaining 10 contestants walked away with $7,500. So who will do that in Season 2? We won’t know until the series finally releases.

While you wait for Season 2, you can catch up on the previous season of Too Hot To Handle: Brazil on Netflix.

Who is Starring in Too Hot To Handle: Brazil Season 2?

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