Friday, May 6, 2022

Were Gray and Go Min-si in Las Vegas? Fans look for leads while her agency declines to comment

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Fans asked Go Min-si’s label to address her alleged relationship with AOMG’s Gray, but the label declined to comment on the dating rumor

It seems love is in the air as K-Drama actress Go Min-si and rapper Gray are now being dubbed the “visual couple” by fans who are speculating the two individuals are dating. After both Gray and Min-si posted photos with the same aesthetic on their Instagram accounts, fans began speculating that the two were a couple. On April 18, Lee Seong-hwa, also known as Gray, a rapper under the AOMG label, released a carousel post on Instagram that featured a series of photos of himself in a black jacket paired with jeans and sunglasses as well a light green shoulder bag.

Three days later, the same aesthetic was featured in actress Go Min Si’s post, where she was apparently photographed in the same location as Gray. Min-si wore a black dress paired with black sneakers, as well as a lime green shoulder bag. This was the first hint fans initially had of the two dating, but the photos posted by Gray and Min-si gave fans even more food for thought.


Did Gray and Min-si go on a date in Las Vegas?

The photos posted by actress Go Min-si show that she was in Las Vegas as the last photo from her carousel post shows Caesar’s Palace Hotel in the background. But Gray’s photo showed he was near the Cosmo Lofts — an apartment complex in Los Angeles, California. It should be noted that Las Vegas is a four hour drive from Los Angeles and the journey by plane would only be an hour, which has led many fans to believe that Min-si dated Gray and the two actually are dating.

Since both Min-si and Gray were in the US around the same time, it’s not far-fetched to think the two could have been together, but Go Min-si’s agency Mystic Story has declined to commit to the dating site. rumor to utter. On April 28, the label said it could neither confirm nor deny the rumors as it concerned Go Min-si’s personal life.

Go Min-si was featured in the music video for Make Love, which was one of the two title tracks for Gray’s 2021 full-length album Grayground. Gray will also be making his acting debut in the upcoming Netflix movie titled Ballerina. On the other hand, Go Min-si is popular in the K-drama scene with her roles in K-dramas such as “Love Alarm”, “Sweet Home” and “Youth of May”. Fans love the two as a couple now, as one fan said, “THEY HAVE THE SAME KIND OF AESTHETIC OMG.” Another fan said, “Gray and Minsi: the visual couple.” Another fan said, “I bring the final scene back from ‘Make Love’ in which Gray and Min Si finally meet and the song ‘U’, also known as the best love song in Grayground, was played. It’s a lot more true now.” Another fan said, “They even had similar ootds.”

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