Thursday, September 22, 2022

Wendy Williams’ ex-husband Kevin Hunter begins to sob as he updates fans on the talk show host’s rehab stint

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“She gets the help she needs. And hopefully, you know, she gets out of that swing. I know she has what it takes,” says Kevin Hunter

CORAL SPRINGS, FLORIDA: Given Wendy Williams’ commitment to a full recovery, some of the pressure on her family during this difficult time has been eased. Kevin Hunter, our ex-husband, shared the support she is receiving and his desire to stop using marijuana in an emotional video he posted on Instagram.

Hunter, 49, said: “She’s getting the help she needs. And hopefully, you know, she’ll get out of that swing. I know she’s got it.” The former talk show host’s rep told The Sun that Williams is still at the treatment facility after they reported last week that she was receiving therapy. “As for my immediate family, I couldn’t do it without the utmost help from my Queen who represents me now, Sharina Hudson,” Hunter noted, mentioning the woman he had a child with in 2019 while still with Williams, 58 , was married .


Hunter continued to talk about Hudson’s love and support while mentioning his own decision to quit marijuana. He said: “Every family and I realized that I had to swing the sword for my whole family because there are many people trying to exploit what I built together with my family. I will not let anyone take what is mine away from me and I have to be very focused on the fight that lies ahead.”

The former daytime talk show executive producer then became emotional while discussing his own personal growth journey and burst into tears. “Please don’t take my tears as a sign of weakness because anyone who knows me knows I’m a fighter,” he said. Hunter then made a comment that Williams fans might find offensive; he applauded the success of ‘The Wendy Williams’ show and partially credited his lover for that success.

Hunter said: “I will say this with pride and passion – nobody, and I mean nobody, will ever bring the energy, the charisma, the passion, the expertise, the talent and whatever else you want to call it, that you have with you Kevin Hunter and my ex Wendy Williams and the team that was behind us and I mean the whole team.”

“That now includes my current lady because it takes a village and I will say so. Yes, I said so. If you don’t like it, you just won’t like it, and I’ll say it again,” Hunter declared, with an obvious hint for those who might be offended by such a bold claim.

Last week, Williams publicist Shawn Zanotti stated, “She’s taking some time to focus on her health and well-being as she prepares for a big comeback for the next stage of her career with The Wendy Experience Podcast. Ms. Williams is being treated by a team of some of the best doctors in the world. We ask for your prayers and well wishes at this time,” The Sun reports.

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