Tuesday, January 24, 2023

“Welcome home!”: Bills star Damar Hamlin celebrates emotional comeback after cardiac arrest

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ORCHARD PARK, NEW YORK: Damar Hamlin made an emotional comeback while participating in the NFL playoff duel between the Buffalo Bills and the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, January 22. Buffalo Bills safety was the guest of honor as he made his first public appearance since suffering devastating cardiac arrest and collapsing on the field.

Damar Hamlin was greeted with a huge roar as the 24-year-old Pittsburgh native appeared on screens around the arena. Buffalo Bills tweeted video of their star player arriving with his mom and little brother. “Welcome home @HamlinIsland,” Buffalo Bills wrote in the caption.


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At one point, Hamlin appeared to be waving back to his fans while posing his iconic hand gesture, the shape of a heart with hands, from his luxury suite atop Highmark Stadium. Hamlin continues to make a remarkable recovery as he was spotted standing behind flat glass from his luxury suite and was not confined to a wheelchair. At half-time, the star player also greeted his teammates in the dressing room.

Hamlin also took to Instagram to announce his return just hours before Sunday’s clash. He has posted a series of pictures showing many different honors he received during his injury. He was pictured next to a graffiti of himself in his signature stride. On another slide, he posted a clip of himself running to the sidelines in the Nov. 31-23 win over the Cleveland Browns. He captioned the post, “Creation from the heart makes art,” he wrote. “Love got me through the hardest hours! I can’t wait to show how grateful I am.”

Netizens were also very emotional upon seeing Hamlins return to the field. One user wrote: “So happy to see him and his family attending Go bills.” Another added: “I think they will break the stadium and the sound barrier when he comes on the field! One simply shared a GIF that read, “I GOT MY JOB BACK.” Fourth wrote, “Win or lose today, the most important thing to the Bills is that Hamlin is ok.” One user claimed, “The goosebumps I got looking at this.” “I’m not crying back your crying welcome.” , Damar Hamlin #BillsMafia,” read one tweet.

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