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“Wednesday” Episode 2 Summary: Rowan’s prophecy is cause for concern

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In the first episode of Wednesday, Rowan (Calum Ross) seems to be the big bad of the Netflix series. But the conclusion of Episode 1 showed otherwise. But just when we think we’re getting somewhere with the monster haunting the city of Jericho, there’s another twist. Find out where the story is taking us Wednesday episode 2

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead regarding Wednesday Episode 2 “Woe is the Loneliest Number.”]

Rowan is presumed dead at the end Wednesday Episode 1. That’s a fair guess considering his torso is ripped open by an unknown creature. Ultimately, this creature saved Wednesday’s (Jenna Ortega) life as Rowan wanted to kill her to fulfill a prophecy.

Still, Wednesday wants to know why Rowan went after her. For the first five minutes of Episode 2, it looks like she’s going to ask Rowan in person, because he’s still alive. However, when he is quickly expelled from Nevermore Academy, this makes things difficult for her. However, Wednesday could still get answers as Rowan isn’t gone forever.

First off, Nevermore’s Edgar Allan Poe Cup is an unwelcome distraction for Wednesday. However, when she realizes she has a chance of knocking Bianca (Joy Sunday) out, Wednesday agrees to help Enid (Emma Myers) with the competition.

In a part canoe, part foot race where anything is possible, Bianca asks her siren friends to sabotage the other boats so they can get a leg up. But two can play at this game and Wednesday came prepared. With the help of Thing and some clever canoe machines, she leads her team to triumph, but not before she has another vision.

While retrieving her flag from the Crackstone Crypt, Wednesday sees an ethereal version of herself saying, “You are the key.” What that means is unclear at this point, but it likely has something to do with the prophecy that Rowan is working to fulfill.

Wednesday’s other vision came after finding Rowan’s glasses in the woods. She sees him fighting with his roommate Xavier Thorpe (Percy Hynes White) as well as the moment Rowan took the book with the mysterious watermarks containing the prophecy.

Though Thing feels underappreciated on Wednesday, he’s doing what Thing does best – sabotaging canoe races and investigating the mystery of Rowan. During Things Mission, we discover that Rowan can shapeshift – or can he?

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As Wednesday Thing confided, she’s worried she might do something terrible because of Rowan’s vision. So she arms herself with as much information as she can about Rowan, the prophecy, and the mysterious watermark.

As Ms. Thornhill (Christina Ricci) explains to Wednesday, this watermark is the symbol of an old fraternity called The Nightshades. Then Wednesday notes that Edgar Allan Poe’s statue is holding a book with the same symbol. Of course, she deciphers the poem telling her to snap twice — a smart nod The Addams family.

Behind the statue, Wednesday discovers the hidden library where Rowan found the book. Before she can uncover much more, Wednesday is kidnapped and the episode ends.

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