Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Web mocks PETA protesters taped to Starbucks counter

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Two demonstrators from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) organisation are being mocked on the internet for sticking their hands to the counter of a Starbucks in Seattle.


An anonymous poster posted photos of the demonstrators on Reddit’s Facepalm forums on Thursday under the name u/Revealed_Jailor and wrote: “Clings on [the] The table is so bold, wow”. The post received more than 33,000 ratings and over 7,000 comments mocking the protesters.


The photos were originally posted on PETA’s social media profiles on Wednesday. One picture shows a man wearing a T-shirt with the words “Not your mother, not [your] ‘Milk'” written on one of the counters. In another picture, a woman wearing a T-shirt with the words “End the Surcharge on Vegan Milk” is standing next to a box of biscuits.


The photos show that each of the protesters taped themselves to their respective counters.


According to PETA’s Facebook page, activists were protesting Starbucks’ surcharge on plant-based milk.


“Save the planet. Save the cows. Stop the vegan surcharge now,” protesters chanted in a livestream posted to the organization’s Facebook page.


Speaking of Washington ExaminerPETA claimed that the demonstration ended with the arrest of the two protesters.


“Today, after spending nearly two hours at the coffee shop counter at Starbucks headquarters with superglue to suggest that the company needs to stop discouraging people from taking environmental and animal-friendly actions by charging for vegan milk additional Charges are sought, two PETA supporters have been arrested and each face charges of two crimes, theft of services and destruction of property,” the organization claimed.


The guard reported in March that Starbucks dropped the surcharge on plant-based milk at all UK stores. According to insiders, however, customers in the US still have to pay an additional 70 cents for the milk alternative of their choice.


“While there isn’t a single factor in pricing decisions, we expect costs will come down as the plant-based options supply chain matures,” Roz Brewer, former Starbucks COO, said of fees in 2020.


In a media release updated on Wednesday, PETA said it intends to protest the allegations until they are resolved.


“Until Starbucks stops charging additional fees for non-dairy milk, PETA will continue to pressure the company by hosting passionate demonstrations, running an intensive social media campaign for our millions of followers and asking its customers to give up dairy,” wrote the organization.


Many Redditors were confused and poked fun at Wednesday’s demonstration.


“I’m surprised that ‘Super Glue’ & ‘Coffe Shops’ survived the first phase of the brainstorming session,” wrote u/BillyTheSaint.


“How effective do you think that is? I build a lot of models, so I tend to glue myself to all sorts of things. This isn’t going to suck,” said u/ThePopeJones.


“Starbucks has freely glued itself to the table and certainly has no obligation to feed and water them. Shut up shop for the refurbishment, give it a couple of weeks and they should be easy to remove,” added u/Drumtochty_Lassitude.


Curiously, these activists aren’t the first to use superglue at a protest. On April 12, another animal rights activist taped her hand to the Minnesota Timberwolves courthouse to protest the team’s owner, who owns an egg factory in Iowa.


In September, a group glued themselves to a London motorway as part of an environmental protest. And in 2019, an 83-year-old man taped himself to a train during a protest against Extinction Rebellion.

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