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Weak Hero Class 1: Meet Park Ji-hoon and the cast of the Action K-Drama

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K-Drama fans are addicted to the gripping action story of Weak hero class 1. The November drama is based on a popular webtoon about a high school teenager fighting back against his bullies. Actor Park Ji-hoon stars as the lead, Yeon Si-eun, an academically talented loner who one day has had enough. Under a tragic history of system bullying, Park and the occupation Weak hero class 1 have stunned fans with their acting.

The premise of the K-Drama is that Si-eun, fed up with his class bullies, decides to fight back. Young-bin plays actor Kim Su-gyeom in the role of bully boss. Fans immediately dislike the character because of his superiority complex. Though Si-eun kindly asks to stop the bullying, Young-bin takes it too far, setting off a domino effect of violence.

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Before you join the cast of Weak hero class 1Kim had starred alongside Park Ji-hoon in the popular coming-of-age K-drama, From afar, spring is green. The actor also played a supporting role in the Netflix K-drama juvenile court. Kim’s first acting role on the small screen was In in 2020 revolution of love.

Weak hero class 1 The cast includes actor Shin Seung-ho in the supporting role of Jeon Seok-dae. Based on the trailers, fans were excited to see the actor in a villain-style role. Seok-dae is introduced as an aloof local drug dealer who takes care of one of Si-eun’s goons. He soon becomes drawn into the big story when he is hired to beat up Si-eun in retaliation and jeopardize his boss’s drug business.

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One of the reasons K-Drama fans were excited to see Shin Weak hero class 1 Cast is due to his other notorious role. In 2022 he was cast as Prince Go Won in the hit fantasy K-drama Alchemy of Souls Season 2. Shin is also set to return Alchemy of Souls Season 2 on December 10th. Before playing the prince, Shin also played the tyrant role of Hwang Jang-soo in DP

Many of the actors in Weak hero class 1 have appeared in the same k-dramas. Actor Lee Yeon plays the role of Young-yi, a runaway and cousin of Seok-dae. She begins to like Si-eun and his friends and wants a way out of the drug and bullying lifestyle she lives in. The actress is still fresh in her career, with her debut role in 2019.

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Before joining the cast of the Action K-Drama, she also appeared in the military drama DP. alongside Shin as the character An Su-jin. At Netflix juvenile courtShe played the role of young delinquent Baek Seong-u, who is accused of murder. Lee has also appeared in a few film drama specials.

Actor Hong Kyung’s character is one that fans will end up feeling discouraged about Weak hero class 1. The character Oh Beom-seok is a newcomer who comes from a wealthy family and is the son of a politician. He has to use blackmail to take action against Si-eun. But because of his guilt, he looks for ways to help him against his bullies and become friends. But the character’s ending story is heartbreaking.

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Hong Kyung’s first role was in 2017 as a thug Queen of Mystery. In the same year he played the role of Won Byung-goo in the teen romance School 2017. His other awards include While you slept, rain or shine, my attorney, Mr. Joe 2: Crime and Punishmentand Hotel Del Luna. Like his other co-stars, he played Ryu Yi-kang in it DP Before you join the cast of Weak Hero Class 1, Hong Kyung played Choi Jung in the historical romance Red sky lover.

Weak hero class 1 stars actor Choi Hyun-wook as the main character An Soo-ho. In the K-drama, Soo-ho is known for sleeping in class and doing enough to get his diploma. His goal is to graduate according to his grandmother’s wishes, whether he goes to college or not. He soon becomes involved with Si-eun and becomes his shield against his goons and his friend.

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While still building his acting career, Choi has been part of many exciting K-Dramas. He played a minor role in the crime drama taxi driver and Jirisan. In 2021, he played Na Woo-chan in the sports coming-of-age K-drama Slice of Life. thug boys. But Choi’s biggest claim to fame is as Moon Ji-woong in the critically acclaimed K-drama Twenty-five twenty-one.

Park Ji-hoon became famous for his participation in the second season of Produce 101 and joined the K-pop group do you want one But Park has had a long career on screen since he was a child actor. In 2019, he gained popularity for his role as Ko Young-soo in Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency.

He later played along revolution of love and had fans raving about him From afar, spring is green. in the Remarriage & WishesPark has a small cameo role before leading the cast of Weak Hero Class 1. Park stars as Si-eun, an academically talented student who leads a lonely life.

Fed up with his class bullies, his anger rises and he takes drastic action. But his efforts to stand up for himself lead to a domino effect of violence. His character depicts the struggle and social issue of systemic school abuse and bullying.

Weak hero class 1 is available on Viki.

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