Wednesday, January 26, 2022

WATCH: The ‘Australian Survivor’ teaser hints at a family feud between Diaz and Twine

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Popular Survivor alumnus Sandra Diaz-Twine became the series’ first two-time winner in 2010 when she defeated Survivor legends Parvati Shallow and Russell Hantz in a 6-3-0 jury vote in Heroes vs. Villains .” Since then, she has been a fan favorite with many American viewers and an icon of the franchise, and is often dubbed the “Queen” of “Survivor,” a self-conferred honor for becoming the series’ first two-time winner.

It was recently revealed that Sandra and her 24-year-old daughter, Nina, will compete in a season of Australian Survivor titled Blood V Water, based on the Blood vs. Water theme that the American version has show used. Sandra is known for being a fierce competitor and that shone through in one recently new trailer published by Network 10, the Australian network that airs the show.

Here’s what you need to know:

On Thursday “Australian Survivor’s” Twitter page debuted several extended trailers for each loving couple in the upcoming season, including Sandra and her daughter. In the extended version (above), both women firmly state that they are playing for themselves and strongly suggest that they may even turn against each other.

Although Sandra begins by praising her daughter’s credentials (she calls Nina both her “little girl” and her “secret weapon”), she goes on to explain that “I’m not worried about her. Queen stays queen.” Later in the teaser, she ominously says, “I would never give my crown to anyone.”

Nina herself has also hinted that she wouldn’t hesitate to turn off her mom when it came down to it. She noted that she had watched her mother perform Survivor since 2003, when Sandra’s original season, Pearl Islands, premiered when Nina was five years old. Sandra turned 29 on the penultimate day of shooting this season. “I’m coming because of her crown,” Nina explained. “She’s already won, not just once, but twice. I will try to dethrone my mother.”

This isn’t the first teaser to foreshadow the rivalry between the mother-daughter couple. A trailer that aired in early January also revealed that Sandra and Nina could actually compete, and piqued interest from many American fans for the upcoming season.

The new sneak peak has viewers speculating even more about how the season will play out, with one user joking on Reddit, “Sandra’s personal item is a voting list that has her daughter’s name dictated on it. No hesitation expected.”

Others cheer for Nina considering Sandra already has $2 million in the bank from her days on Survivor. “As much as I would be happy about a third Sandra victory,” said another user, “I wish so much that Nina would win with Sandra on the jury.”

In the two seasons of Blood vs. Water that the Survivor franchise has seen, there has only been one instance of one loved one matching another: another mother-daughter couple, that of Ciera Eastin, that her mother voted for Laura Morrett in season 27’s “Blood vs. Water.” However, she did so reluctantly and only because the rest of the tribe was already committed to the plan anyway.

That season, former winner Tina Wesson beat her 25-year-old daughter Katie Collins in a duel on Redemption Island, sending her out of the game. Tina would rejoin the game by winning the following Redemption Island duel in the next episode. Interestingly, this was also a mother-daughter pair where the mother was a previous winner.

Australian Survivor: Blood V Water premieres January 31 on Network 10 for Australian viewers. American viewers will likely be able to watch the entire season on Paramount Plus after it airs in Australia. Previous seasons of the show can also be viewed on the website and app.

The American “Survivor” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern on CBS. Be sure to catch Season 42 when it premieres on March 9, 2022.

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