Sunday, October 2, 2022

WATCH: Paul Kemsley shadows Mauricio Umansky over Dorit affair rumours

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Paul Kemsley poked fun at Mauricio Umansky over rumors that he and Dorit Kemsley were having an affair.

Here’s what you need to know:

While Dorit Kemsely made a guest appearance on Watch What Happens Live, a fan asked Dorit about the affair rumors surrounding her husband Mauricio Umansky and Kyle Richards.

“Honey, listen, you know, when something is that ridiculous, you just ignore it,” Dorit said to the caller. “It’s something that hits a nerve just because Mo, PK, Kyle and I are friends together and it’s such a nothing. And then have someone spread those vile rumors. It’s disgusting, but you don’t want to give it air. But I think everyone can understand it. You just know it’s annoying, it’s F.”

Then PK spoke up.

“If she’s got a steak, why would she want a cheeseburger?” said PK from the audience to thunderous applause and laughter.

The rumors all stem from a scene on RHOBH when PK asked Umansky which woman looked best next to her own. Umansky answered Dorit.

“You look nice, ladies, don’t you?” said PK to Umansky.

“Dorit’s dress is beautiful, Erika [Jayne’s] the dress is short,” he replied as the couple stood on one side of the room, the ladies on the other.

“Who wins?” asked PK

“My wife,” said Umansky.

“If we had to take wives out of the game, who wins, who wins?” PK then asked.

“Your wife,” Umansky said.

Several fans blasted her for the exchange.

“Did PK and Mauricio really do a low-key ‘marry, fuck or kill’ with the housewives?!” one Twitter user wrote asked.

“The conversation between Bruh PK and Mauricio about the women is so demeaning and disgusting,” another tweeted.

During her appearance on WWHL, Dorit was asked about her infamous “Belvedere, soda (in a short glass) and three lemons – carcass out” drink order, and specifically about the phrase carcass out.

“Dorit, Maria from Montreal wants to know if you plan to trademark ‘Carcass Out’ and where did the term come from?

“You know what,” said Dorit. “It started when I was living in Italy in my early 20s. I heard it from someone and it stuck. And I just thought it was so cute. And since then I just say it.”

The term seems to be catching on on social media.

“Dorit let me order my drinks ‘Cadaver Out’ now too!” someone tweeted.

“I’m watching an old episode of #RHOBH and Dorit ordered her signature drink and didn’t say ‘carcass out’ I’m obsessed.” wrote another fan.

someone else saidJared really got me this Dorit Drink order in STL. carcass off and everything.”

“Is there any other way to add citrus to a cocktail than”carcass off”. You could swim, I suppose. Dorit tries way too hard to be special, unique and unforgettable.” commented another fan.

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