Wednesday, January 26, 2022

WATCH: Jenelle Evans slaps back at body shamer

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Jenelle Evans claps back at a body-shaming troll. In response to a user who wrote, “She let herself go lmao,” Evans posted a TikTok video of her pants unbuttoned and having a beer.

She captioned it: “Does it look like I care?”

The video has received some positive reactions from those who support Evans. One person wrote on TikTok, “You are a beautiful girl,” while another added, “Your amazing #1 role model.” A third echoed those sentiments, writing, “Oh that’s awesome!”

Here’s what you need to know:

In a Reddit thread titled “Stay classy, ​​Jenelle,” people were less forgiving and trolled her for TikTok.

One person wrote, “I understand there’s so much not to like about her…” Another added, “Yes Jenelle is overweight but she is by no means a ridiculous size. We probably all know a person of exactly the same size who we just find adorable. It’s the way she dresses in the absolute worst possible way for her body, usually inappropriate for the occasion, and claims she “doesn’t care” about what makes her such a spectacle.”

Another user wrote: “The plump lace bodice and then the hole and button literally diverges. Keep eating the yeast girl.”

As of Thursday, January 13, 2022, the video had garnered an impressive 241,000 views.

Recently, Evans was hated by fans for wanting to remove Teen Mom from Netflix. She captioned a video declaring she wasn’t being racist: “Can we take Teen Mom from @Netflix? You’re welcome?”

In the comments section of TikTok, one person wrote: “So you want the show from Netflix because you’re mad at how you behaved during the show? I’m not a hater, but that doesn’t make sense…” Evans replied, “I’ve changed and my life should now be commended.” The exchange can be seen below.

Although the comment received 151 “likes” on TikTok, haters expressed their disdain in an online thread.

In a Reddit post titled “I Have No Words,” one person wrote, “This is the best thing I’ve read all day. She’s such an idiot. Praised for what? She’s still a piece of junk.” Another wrote, “PRAISE! PRAISE??? Oh my god.” And a third wrote: “Okay, while she thinks she should be commended, let’s rewind a little bit. She wants the ENTIRE show, which tells 3 other girl stories, removed to the public because she’s changed? Girl, that’s not how REALITY shows work. That was the reality back then. You agreed. You got your check. You can scream ‘poor editing’ all you want, but let’s face it; you KNOW you were a piece of shit then and you still are a piece of shit.”

The TikTok video was made in response to a resurfaced old clip in which Colin Kaepernick’s friend Nessa Diab accused Evans of “writing hateful comments about my family on social media.” My husband, Colin Kaepernick.”

In the clip, seen below, Evans runs off the stage in tears.

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