Thursday, December 22, 2022

Watch as the animal breaks free and roams the aisle on the fly – but not everyone finds it funny

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A PASSENGER filmed the moment a plane full of people was happy to see a French bulldog puppy “roaming the aisles” during a flight.

The pilot’s announcements over the plane’s PA system to find the pet’s owner were initially unsuccessful because the pup’s human companion was sound asleep.

Meanwhile, the dog was seen pacing the plane asking for attention from other passengers.

Eventually the owner woke up to find his furry friend had escaped and gone exploring.

Video material Shared on Twitter by Amanda Dukes, reporter for Orlando TV network WESH TV (@AmandaDukesWESH), showed the pooch being returned to its owner by a flight attendant, receiving lots of scratches and snuggles along the way.

Amanda wrote, “This is hysterical!” A #frenchbulldog roamed the aisles on my @SouthwestAir flight.

“Despite the announcements made by the flight attendants, no one has claimed him. Eventually his owner woke up from a nap and we directed this pup back to his spot.”

Some people were happy to see the dog on the plane, and Twitter user Abby C wrote: “Well that’s a cute distraction, a little unexpected comfort doggie on the flight. We should all be lucky enough to have one on our flight.”

However, another user named Lil Hobson was less impressed, saying that everyone on the plane was lucky not to be attacked by the dog.

She wrote: “1) They were lucky, they seemed to be mostly dog ​​lovers. 2) Should the dog come from its travel hut? 3) Luckily it was a nice dog – someone could have been bitten (yes, even by that kind of dog).”

While a dog is a fairly common animal to show up on a plane in the US, a strange bird surprised passengers on a flight earlier this year.

Tiktok user Brian Torres uploaded video from a flight showing a woman walking to her seat and sitting down while carrying a giant peacock.

The rules in the UK and US are very different as to whether you can take pets on planes.

In the UK they are not allowed in the cabin unless it is a service animal.

Most airlines, including easyJet, Ryanair and Jet2, do not allow animals on their flights, even in the hold.

Britons wishing to take their pets on holiday abroad, whether by air, sea or road, will need a special pet passport.

The passport contains all the information about your pet, such as: B. A photo of the pet, the owner of the pet and the complete medical history.

Meanwhile, these are some of the strangest animals spotted in airplane cabins, including a baby kangaroo and miniature horse.

And this airport worker revealed where animals are kept when they are brought into the plane’s hold.

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