Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Was Rosé’s “Hard To Love” intended for Jisoo? Blackpink fans shut down YG and demand solo update

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Blackpink fans are asking about Jisoo as she has revealed she is ready to make a solo debut in January

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: Blackpink is near us! After a two-year wait, the Blinks (Blackpink’s fans) are excited as the girl group has many plans. Blackpink first released the record-breaking pre-release Pink Venom, followed by their sophomore album Born Pink. They are also planning a world tour with 1.5 million viewers. However, fans of Jisoo are unhappy as a theory has been circulating that she may have sung the solo song “Hard To Love” given to Rose.

“Born Pink” was released on September 16th and is already breaking records. The music video for “Shut Down” trended worldwide, while the album on Hanteo surpassed one million copies in less than 24 hours. And to celebrate, one of the music producers shared a photo with Jisoo and Rose. Fred Wexler, who worked on Rosé’s solo song “Hard To Love,” said he helped create the song for Blackpink.


Jisoo fans dissatisfied with lack of options

Since he shared a photo with only two of four members, many think that “Hard To Love” wasn’t a solo song, but a sub-unit song intended for both Rosé and Jisoo. Jisoo fans are further frustrated as she was the only Blackpink member without solo music, although she said she was ready to debut in January. Additionally, Jisoo only had nine seconds on the lead single “Shut Down” and had the fewest lines on the entire album. Many also wondered why a solo song was given to a member who had already made his solo debut. Fans have embraced the #ShutdownYG trend for answers about Jisoo’s solo.

One fan said: “She has the fewest lines in PV and hardly any lines in the theme song ‘shut down’ despite being the lead singer + yg has never informed us about her solo for 2 years, all we ask is fair treatment and an article about her solo!!!” Since the song is reportedly a sub-unit song with Rose and Jisoo, one fan added, “This just pisses me off even more.” Another fan wrote, “Fred Wexler ( producer) and he worked hard to love the song! His caption and post tells a different story that the song is a chaesoo song but FREAKIN @ygent_official and that teddy only gave one member Wtf YG why you JISOO hates so much? WHERE IS JISOO SOLO UPDATE? #ShutDownYG.”

One fan tweeted: “The album is great, Jisoo’s singing is perfect. But BLACKPINK’s next step is a world tour, and Jisoo will sing a cover again while the other members will perform their own songs. We have every right to complain about it, it’s sad.” Another fan wrote: “As Jisoo-Stan, I know we’re pissed that Jisoo doesn’t have her solo yet, but I hope we don’t drag other members down, it’s not Rosé’s fault that HARD TO LOVE was awarded She. she sang it very well! It’s always YG who mess with the girls.”

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