Saturday, August 6, 2022

Was Ben Affleck’s return as Batman one of the reasons WB beat Batgirl?

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There’s also this point of how the film’s timeline may have played a role in the role of the film being cancelled

Warner Bros. Pictures enjoyed quite a bit of success with The Batman earlier this year, which meant standards were higher, especially after hard work by Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson to add a new take and reborn the character’s brand to see. It was a successful move as the film grossed over $770 million, making it all the more a talking point when discussing the cancellation of Batgirl. The main reason the film was permanently shelved was the result seen in the test screenings.

According to the New York Post, test screenings ahead of a planned late 2022 release were a wet smash as the film received poor reactions from audiences. It added that the reaction was bad enough to make WB cut its losses and scrub the film altogether. There’s also this point of how the film’s timeline may have played a role in the role of the film being cancelled. Starting off, there’s no doubt that Batgirl was an important part of the DCEU before Ezra Miller’s The Flash and Jason Momoa’s Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.


The speedster’s film features two versions of Batman – Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck, and the presence of the latter could have caused continuity errors. At one point, it begs the question of which Batman the franchise will keep. Batgirl’s complete departure, along with the confirmation that Affleck will reprise the role of Batman in the Aquaman sequel, makes it difficult to see whether Keaton’s Batman remains part of DCEU’s plan going forward. The same goes for Affleck, who will appear in two more outings.

Perhaps there is this external possibility that WB and DCEU are making limited availability of Affleck’s version, largely due to the fact that they are abandoning the Snyderverse altogether and only making a fragment of his presence available in future films. Since the concept of DC Multiverse is introduced in Miller’s standalone film, it makes sense to introduce or reintroduce Keaton’s Bat while doing away with Affleck’s version.

It’s neat parting strategy and in a way could have been added to the list of reasons for canceling ‘Batgirl’. There’s always a chance that Batgirl will be introduced in some form. While not necessarily a standalone project, WB can commission a limited series. But for now, the franchise will try to sort out the schedule.

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