Sunday, January 22, 2023

‘Warm thoughts’: KC Chiefs heiress Gracie Hunt melts the snow in a red bikini before the NFL playoff game

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KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI: The Kansas City Chiefs will face the Jacksonville Jaguars in this weekend’s NFL divisional round. Gracie Hunt, the daughter of Chiefs co-owner Clark, publicly supported her team by posting pictures of herself in a bikini before their game on social media on Friday, January 20.

Hunt posted a series of pictures wearing a red bikini in the snow. One picture showed her leaning back against a tree wearing a silver jacket and red trousers with the word “Chiefs” printed on them. “Thinking warm thoughts…hoping for a Chiefs win! Who’s ready for game day?!” She captioned her pictures shared ahead of the playoff game.


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Hunt was born in Dallas, Texas in 1999 to Tavia Shackles and Clark. Lamar, a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, is her paternal grandfather. She played soccer growing up, but a series of injuries forced her to give up her dream of turning pro. In an interview with PEOPLE, she talks about her desire to play football and her search for a new passion. She said: “Football was my first love. I wanted to play in college. I won the championship when I was in high school with my high school team and played on the club too.” But life had other plans for her. After suffering four concussions, that was a dream I couldn’t pursue.” She added, “Which is really tough when you’ve been working your whole life to be good at something. I had to find a new dream.”

Hunt founded Breaking Barriers Through Sports, a non-profit organization that brings people from all walks of life together. She was connected to the Special Olympics in 2015 when she joined the FC Dallas Special Olympics football team as a member of the Unified team. Three years later, she began covering Unified competitions and was eventually elected to the Special Olympics boards for South Texas and South Kansas.

In April 2021, Hunt was crowned Miss Kansas USA at the age of 22, the same pageant where her mother won the second runner-up Miss USA title and served as Miss Kansas in 1993. Hunt was placed in the top 16 contestants at the Miss USA pageant in November 2021.

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