Monday, October 3, 2022

‘War of the World’ Season 3 Episode 2 Recap: The drama lacks pace as the focus shifts to Léa Drucker’s Catherine Durand

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Two episodes into the new season, the sci-fi thriller first sticks to its pattern of world-building and then throws the characters into complete chaos

Contains spoilers for “War of the Worlds” Season 3 Episode 2

There have been periods in War of the Worlds where the pacing has slipped a bit, as has the horror and thrill factor, making the drama the central essence of the episode. In Season 3, this moment comes sooner than expected, as the second episode focuses on the black hole, the plans of the invaders from the future, and most importantly, on Lea Drucker’s Catherine Durand, who loses her sister to the hallucinations she was told about believes they are caused by the black hole.

The episode begins with Zoe (Pearl Chanda) and Kariem (Bayo Gbadamosi) investigating the case of the being from the future. Bill Ward (Gabriel Byrne) continues to struggle to come to terms with his killing of Emily (Daisy Edgar-Jones) in prison, but regrets staying behind bars as he firmly believes his actions saved humanity. When Zoe tells him she can’t get him out of jail, he fights his way back to his cell. Meanwhile, an astronaut, experiencing the same hallucinations while observing the black hole’s activities, shares his thoughts with Catherine, which agree with the theory she has about the people dying according to her visions.

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What War of the Worlds does is explore the unknown, and that may not necessarily be the successful way forward if the network plans another season or two. The Theory of Time Travel makes the show quite an advanced, modern, complex take on the HG Wells classic, and the answer to that is something only time will tell. Two episodes into the new installment, the sci-fi thriller first sticks to its pattern of world-building and then plunges the characters into utter chaos.

There’s still a story to tell, especially after the end of season two. Ward still plays a key role in the series rather than teaching in prison, while Zoe is still prepared to be the first victim should things go wrong (it looks like they already are). With Drucker’s discovery of being able to shuttle back and forth in time, and those from the future trying to solidify their position on today’s Earth, there is much to unpack and look forward to.

“War of the Worlds” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on EPIX.

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