Sunday, December 5, 2021

Viral video shows ‘Mimosa Karen’ yelling at airport staff after being denied boarding

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A number of popular TikTok videos recorded by TikToker @cinco suave feature a lady named “Mimosa Karen” screaming and raging in an airport

A series of popular TikTok videos features a lady known as “Mimosa Karen” screaming and getting angry in an airport. The last in a long line of “Karens” airport vandalized in the terminal was captured by TikToker @cinco suave.

The first in a series of films he has released begins with a potential passenger, nicknamed “Mimosa Karen” by TikToker, who yells at and films the doorman and orders her to “say it again”. The airline staff apparently berated the woman, but it appears that something more led to this point. This is not the first time Karens has been there. In August of this year, an airport “Karen” bitch shamed two women and even said one of them had no “t * ts”. In May this year, a ‘Karen’ office depot compared shopping without a mask to discrimination against hijab and even threatened to call the police against employees.


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In this incident at the airport, although we do not know the location, the staff did their best to defuse the situation and persuade the screaming woman to calm down until the security forces arrived, but they were unable to cope with the To deal with the situation. “Mimosa Karen” was then seen on camera asking whoever listened for the gate agent’s staff number, and then the staff number of anyone who wanted to speak to her.

“Do everyone see that I ask for their employee number and that no one gives it to me?” The lady grumbles at anyone watching the incident while she waits for her nearby flights. The final video takes things to a new level, with this newest “Karen” airport surrounded by several uniformed police officers. Instead of seeing this as an indication that she needs to calm down, she continues to scream and rage.

“How many times do I have to say ‘f ** k you’ to all of you before you say, yes, I haven’t actually done anything illegal?” she asks “I haven’t broken any rules.” She continues to argue angrily with the officers who have been patient with her.

She yells, “My mother has cancer. I went to a wedding last night. Yes sir. OK. There’s nothing – nothing I’ve done is illegal. It’s actually illegal for you not to let me get on that damn plane and I don’t care if I make a scene. ”The police finally handcuffed the woman while she pointed to the fence and the agent with whom she spoke out loudly referred to as “cunt”.

Someone shouted from the off: “Get her out of here, she’s drunk.” Shortly afterwards, the police led her away, much to the delight of the people who had endured the whole ordeal. Viewers who are used to watching videos of Karen’s performances were relieved that Karen’s finish was decent. @ xobeckyg7 giggled. “Well, if that’s not the result of your own behavior.” “Refused to board and walk away in shackles …” @idontthinkso_tim agreed, “perfect ending” One viewer asked why “Karens’ arrest is taking so long” and commented that “they are allowed to have a full monologue before they are finally dragged away.” ”

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