Thursday, December 2, 2021

Viral video of robot waiters working in a restaurant sparked debate

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TikTok user @miabellaceo dined at Denny’s restaurant, where he filmed a robotic server called “Janet” spinning around the corner to bring the two plates to the table.

Modern technology is constantly advancing and changing the way we live. Now a debate has sparked how this will affect people’s jobs thanks to a viral video showing customers being served their food by a robotic waiter.

“Here comes breakfast,” says the TikToker. “We are hungry.”

Since a video of the restaurant robot was posted, TikTok has been viewed over 475,000 times by @miabellaceo and has resulted in people sharing their thoughts on the advancing technology we’re seeing.

In the comment section, the TikToker stated that “the waitress came over and took our order and delivered coffee, the robot just brought the food.”

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Some people loved the idea of ​​a robot because they believed they would have a better dining experience than if they were greeted and looked after by a human waiter.

One person wrote: “Never call, don’t talk back, always on time, no interpersonal relationship drama, never complain … I’m sold.”

“Introverts will eat more because they know they can avoid small talk,” said another person.

A third person wrote: “Never stop working. Works every vacation. “

While others were particularly keen not to tip the robot unlike a human waiter.

Someone replied, “Cool, I just saved $ 12 without leaving a tip.”

“If that means I never have to tip again …

However, there have been some who totally opposed the idea of ​​being served by a robot waiter, finding that these robots will cause human waiters to lose their jobs at some point.

With the hospitality and hospitality industries campaigning for a minimum wage of $ 15 an hour over the years, their jobs could be at risk in the future if using robotic waiters is the cheaper option.

One person said, “I would go. Nope. Human or I will not do business with you. ”

“Boycott Denys,” wrote another person.

Another added, “Unfortunately, this will replace a lot of jobs over the next decade. Learn to be a craftsman. “

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