Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Viral TikTok shows a “Karen” blocking a black man’s car and calling him a “pimp”

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The footage from their encounter was first shared on the TikToker @ moemoe_90 account earlier this week

One woman was referred to as “Karen” after a video of her confronting a black man in her neighborhood went viral on the Internet.

The footage from their encounter was first shared on the TikToker @ moemoe_90 account earlier this week. It has since gone viral and has received nearly 5 million views and 600,000 likes at the time of writing. A second part of the encounter was also published on @ moemoe_90 and has since made the rounds on social media despite the lack of audio data. MEAWW previously reported a “Karen” from Florida telling a black neighbor to leave her own apartment complex. We also reported how a racist dog park ‘Karen’ told a black writer and his fiancée to ‘stay in their hood’.


New Hampshire woman hurls “N-word” at black child, threatens to “kneel on his neck”

The first part of the shot was filmed from the driver’s seat of a vehicle. Monique Upchurch, the woman behind the @ moemoe_90 TikTok account, shared the short, minute-long clip after allegedly seeing it on a friend’s Facebook. The video showed the gray and black car driving past a house when an elderly woman carrying a door inexplicably got angry. The unidentified woman was seen in the video pointing at the driver and yelling “Get this pimp” before holding her door on the sidewalk and approaching the vehicle.

Based on the woman’s spontaneous reaction to the sight of the driver, it appeared that the two had some sort of history. In the video, she was seen approaching the driver and yelling at him to “get out of here” while hurling multiple insults at the same time. She went on to refer to the area as “my street” and calling the driver a “sh ** son of ab ****” before threatening to call the police and calling him a “pimp” again.

The woman was then seen picking up her door and carrying it out into the street, where she placed it in front of the man’s car to block him. The driver responded by telling her not to place the door near his car or he would kick her “a ***”. Then he called her a “bitch” and started getting out of the vehicle.

The woman stood behind her door and repeated that the man was a “pimp”. The driver then threatened to “pimp you”, which annoyed the woman even more. She angrily told him to “get out of here” even though he was trapped by her door and body – both of which were blocking the vehicle from moving.

The woman put an end to her curse by calling the man a “son of Ab ****” and letting him know that “this is my hood”. In the second part of the confrontation, the video showed the rest of the interaction, but there was no sound. Still, it seemed to have been picked up from further down the street. In the video, the man was seen getting out of her car, walking over, and repeatedly stomping on the woman’s door. Then he returned to his car and drove off. After a short cut in the video, his car was seen returning to the area where the woman was still outside, the Daily Dot reported.

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