Saturday, November 27, 2021

Viral TikTok shows 7-Eleven employees facing a bear in the store

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A 7-Eleven employee had the surprise of her life when a giant bear entered the store. The blissful bear strolled in casually, politely holding the door open before putting his paws on the refrigerator. He even used his nose twice to disinfect.

The woman held together for the first few seconds of the clip to shoo the bear outside. “Oh. My. Quality. He knows how to open – HEY STOP, ”she called.

Shortly afterwards, her “brave face” facade fell into sheer horror when she burst into screams of panic.

The viral clip has since received a staggering 5.8 million views in less than 24 hours. Of course, thousands of TikTok users hysterically flocked to the clip.

Noticing the tag on the bear’s right ear, one user joked, “The ear tag tells me he’s either a refugee or a repeat offender.”

“That strange moment when a bear behaves politely and the human screams like an animal”, one joked and another added: “This is how you treat your customers ???”

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Even the official 7-Eleven TikTok account wanted to join, “he wants a blue rasBEARy Slurpee,” they said.

While another user joked, “The bear literally came in politely, held the door open and disinfected. What more do you want?”

Judging from an earlier video posted by creator Fanu (@ fmunna83pk) in May, the brown bear is a regular. The bear was taped walking to the store’s trash can to sniff around before strolling back into the wild.

You can hear the woman say “he’s not scared at all”, to which a user quoted sarcastically and replied: “Well, he’s a bear”.

He even took a double look at the filming person and began to saunter towards them. “It’s like he just remembered he was a bear and turned around,” joked another user.

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