Monday, August 8, 2022

VIDEO: Jenelle Evans thrown in the trash for ‘All Brown’ school lunch

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Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans drew criticism from some people online after she shared a video on TikTok of her wrapping school lunches for her two youngest children, 5-year-old Ensley and 8-year-old Kaiser.

Evans captioned the video, “Make my kids lunch again 🥪💗”.

“First, we start with some chickpeas and they’re roasted in honey,” she said at the beginning.

“Next, I added a sweet cookie to them. I should have added grapes, but I added pretzels instead,” Evans explained, showing how she gave out pieces of food in bento boxes. “Then I added a ham and cheese sandwich to both packs.”

Kaiser, who was bullied online because of his height, asked for something green.

“It was Kaiser’s idea to get some peas for lunch,” Evans said. “I don’t know, he’s possessed. And then we give them a granola bar as a snack and they have a little mini stinginess. Now I’ll pack them water too.”

Evans’ oldest son, 12-year-old Jace, lives with her maternal grandmother, Barbara Evans. She has custody of Jace since he was 1 year old.

People on Reddit weren’t happy when they saw the groceries Evans sent to school for their kids.

An original poster took a shot of Evans’ TikTok and shared it on the Teen Mom subreddit on July 26. “Another all brown lunch for the kids,” they wrote. Within four hours, the thread garnered more than 700 comments.

“It seems like she has no idea how to properly feed herself or her children. Where are the damn vegetables or fruit? Jesus,” wrote one person.

One of the top comments, with more than 200 upvotes, was that Kaiser asked for the peas.

“It was Kaiser’s idea to have peas for lunch. Your kid is literally begging for a vegetable, Jen,” it said.

Some people have chastised Evans for not adding healthy options.

“Grapes! Cucumber! Yogurt! Banana! It’s not hard Jenelle. These are real life foods out there. I’m really starting to think you’re so uneducated when it comes to food,” they wrote .

Kaiser’s father, Nathan Griffith, defended his son when someone mocked his body online.

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