Wednesday, December 1, 2021

VIDEO: Farrah Abraham’s new post worries fans

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“Teen Mom OG” star Farrah Abraham showed off her bum while twerking with her 12-year-old daughter Sophia in a new TikTok video, which caused concern among viewers.

30-year-old Abraham first posted the video on TikTok on November 16, 2021. “Only stream games on the Internet like …” was the title of the video, which was cataloged as a duet with Roblox, an online gaming platform.

Less than 24 hours after it was published, Abraham’s video received more than 53,000 views. It also garnered hundreds of upvotes and comments on Reddit.

While some fans said Abraham was “exploiting” Sophia in the social media clip, others couldn’t take their eyes off Abraham’s bum. A few people wrote that it looked like Abraham was wearing a “diaper” while she danced.

“It looked like she was wearing a diaper-filled will [sic] S ***. Just a large, overcrowded adult diaper, ”one person wrote.

“She takes advantage of her little daughter for her own advertising. This woman uses her daughter as a clickbait for her escort business, ”added another. “Farrah has to be fucking CANCELED.”

Some people even went so far as to accuse Abraham of “child abuse.”

“She uses her daughter so she can show off her new a **. I have a feeling that poor Sophia is child abuse who is still a support to her mother, ”a third person continued. “Even if you’re spending money to buy a new ass, you at least want it to look good and not a saggy diaper.”

Abraham, 30, doesn’t want to fit in. After posting the controversial video on TikTok, the MTV personality shared a cryptic message on Instagram about being different.

“You are at a time when God is going to show you why you never fit into the crowd!” The post reads. “You are chosen !!”

Abraham shared another mysterious quote after some people accused her of looking “puffy” and “broken”.

“I am personable, lovable and worthy,” says the message that was published in her Instagram stories on November 7, 2021.

Abraham wrote in her new memoir “Dream Twenties: Self-Guided Self Help Memoire,” quoted by The Sun, that Child Protective Servies “threatened” to take Sophia away after she got into an argument with her own mother, Debra Danielsen .

Abraham related a bloody incident in which he spoke to her in blood and Danielsen brandished a knife.

“My mother had two kitchen knives in her hand and I was bloody trying to persuade them both to calm down,” the MTV star wrote in her memoir. “I was kicked out of my house after calling the police about domestic violence.”

Danielsen was arrested in January 2010 and charged with domestic violence, police reports say. This happened when Abraham was 18 years old and still lived with Danielsen in Iowa.

Danielsen, also known as DebzOG, pleaded guilty to lesser charges and spent 30 days in jail, TMZ wrote at the time.

According to Danielsen, she no longer speaks to Abraham. “We haven’t talked for a long time. The last time I spoke to her was in May, ”the aspiring rapper told The Sun in October 2021.

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