Monday, October 25, 2021

VIDEO: A massive brawl breaks out at Detroit’s East English Prep Academy, classes are canceled

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A police investigation into the fighting found it could be “gang relationships,” the Detroit Public Schools Community District said in a statement.

A canteen fight at a Detroit high school on October 11 quickly turned violent after chairs were thrown across the hall, one of which hit a police officer in the head. The fight took place at the English Village Preparatory Academy, and sources revealed that it has been brewing for weeks. Students at the school pulled out their cell phones to film the mania that unfolded in the premises as students screaming. Videos show some students directly involved in the fight being thrown punches, others banding together to throw chairs, and another section cheering from the sidelines encouraging them to keep fighting.

2021 saw a spike in school brawls. On the morning of September 29, several fighting broke out at Annapolis High School, Maryland, in which two students were hospitalized with cuts and stab wounds. Seven students were arrested after the violent fight. A huge brawl broke out at Meadowbrook High School that afternoon on September 23, prompting rumors of the use of knives and guns during the brawl. Chesterfield County Police Department School Resource Officer Anthony Bowen was caught on camera using his body to protect a mob from attacking a young man and he has been hailed as a hero on the internet. In July, two Boston police officers were hospitalized after McKinley students brutally attacked them while trying to end a bus fight.


Students knocked over trash cans, stood on tables, during the chaotic fight

School resource officers present on the premises had to call the police after the fighting got out of hand. The police arrived shortly afterwards, all the sirens were blazing, and one of the officers was hit in the head with a chair. Several students were arrested after the fight, according to a report, but school district spokeswoman Chrystal Wilson said she had not heard of the arrests on October 11. The district released a statement saying no one was seriously injured during the brawl.

“After the school was set up and students returned to their classrooms, a police investigation into the fighting found that it could be gangs and that there might be additional fighting,” said the Detroit Public Schools District. “In order to ensure the safety of all students and employees, a structured and controlled procedure for early dismissal was used,” the statement said. One parent said the fight was predictable and had built up over the past few weeks.

“It’s been going on every day since school. Fight, people bring guns. They fight at school all day. Parents bring other children here to fight children. It’s out of control. My baby called me and told me she couldn’t breathe and that she was on her way to her next class and she was sprayed with pepper spray, “the parent said.

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