Sunday, August 7, 2022

Victoria Beckham reuniting with the Spice Girls? This documentary will be a hoot

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Long misunderstood, Victoria Beckham is one of social media’s best followers, though she’s still notoriously private. She’s set to open up about her time with the Spice Girls in a new documentary – and fans are excited

“What’s your favorite flavor?” she is asked. “Salt,” she replies tonelessly. Then: “What’s your favorite spice?” She turns to face the camera, wearing her signature pout, the faintest smile playing around her lips: “Posh.” She makes comedy of the media reputation for being someone who “never smiles” at her, jokes about her mother (did she learn any slang from her kids? “I have no idea dude”) and showcases her accomplishments in post-Spice Girls fashion. It’s a tour de force for everyone: the 73 Questions videos are always combative and tongue-in-cheek, but nobody does both better than Posh.

Victoria Beckham is easily one of the funniest people on the internet. She used to be misconstrued as serious or serious, but over the past decade she has blossomed into a character full of fun and great wit, especially online and via social media. One of the best viral videos remains her 2015 contribution to Vogue magazine’s 73 Questions series, in which she takes us on a tour of the Victoria Beckham store in London, answering the rapid-fire questions with just the right timing, the professional Answering stand-ups could only dream.

Still, the video was a rare on-camera interview for Beckham, although it now looks like we’ll have another one in our midst soon, as it was announced this week that she will appear in a new documentary that is being directed The last Dance‘s Jason Hehir, who looks back on the group’s accomplishments. This comes as rumors are also swirling of a 2023 tour to celebrate 25 years of their film. world of spices – culminating in a possible slot appearance by the Glastonbury Legends, Be Still My Beating Heart.

Fans, of course, are excited about her participation, as her association with the Spice Girls has been sketchy since their split in 2000: she’s instead focused on expanding her successful fashion and beauty lines. The last time she performed with the group was during the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony, when she nearly fell onto the deck of an open-top bus in one of many iconic VB moments.

She’s stayed away from the Spice Girls at recent reunions (she didn’t perform on their 2019 Spice World tour, much to fans’ disappointment) and tends to maintain her privacy. Every chance we hear directly from this closely guarded national treasure (outside of her frequent Instagram posts, where we recently got footage of her husband David Beckham doing the worm, and where she finishes her captions “VBx” like Liam Gallagher of mothers) is a thrill.

It’s no surprise that Beckham doesn’t reveal much. Since the late 1990s, she’s gone from pop star to WAG (and has been hounded by the media at both stages of her life) to a respected name in the fashion world, and now she seems to be embracing all those facets of herself that she was: One part her major appeal is her “nine lives” quality. Her social media presence balances her Hun culture-near humor (“vodka tonic + my kindle = Mummy’s happy place,” captioned a recent post, accompanied by two crying emojis) with serious content about her business.

She even seems more comfortable discussing and avoiding the media perception that has plagued her for so long. Earlier this month, she posted a photo of herself and her husband with the caption, “They say he’s not funny, they say I never smile, they said it wouldn’t last” (plus more howl-laugh emojis) to celebrate her 23rdapprox Wedding day. It’s probably these misconceptions, pedaled by the tabloids, that have kept Beckham out of the limelight (she has explained that her perceived habit of not smiling was the result of insecurities about her teeth) — but now, thanks to a cultural environment that’s a little more mindful of female celebrities, she seems to feel freer to show off.

Much like Kate Moss – another private celebrity who has spoken out recently (she became creative director of Diet Coke and celebrated it with an episode of Desert Island Discs and a few interviews including one with Dazed where she explained that she “doesn’t model. Chic”) — Beckham seems more comfortable with being herself in public.

So it’s going to feel very special (not to mention entertaining) when Beckham speaks candidly about her time with the Spice Girls, one of the most famous and beloved pop groups of all time. We’ve heard a little more from the other members of the group over the years, but Beckham’s perspective on the phenomenon (and indeed her perspective on what it was like to live through the original WAG years) has been lacking, so it feels real Rarely. It will be exciting to hear from an icon of British culture.

This Spice Girls documentary is an opportunity for Beckham to continue showing her full side and further debunking the criticism that initially led her to withdraw from the spotlight. And when she returns to the stage with the rest of the band in 2023, we may look forward to one of the biggest pop reunions in history.

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