Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Urgent warning to drivers about TikTok parking hack that could land you a hefty fine

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DRIVERS have been urgently warned about a TikTok parking ‘hack’ that could land them a hefty fine.

Motorists are being urged to avoid the #parkinghack challenge that has been keeping motorists across the country busy.


Motorists have been told not to follow a TikTok parking hack that asks them to fake a breakdown[/caption]

The stupid TikTok hack has been viewed more than seven million times in the last two weeks.

It’s all about pretending your car is broken and waiting to be fixed in order to wave out of a parking ticket.

But Harrison Woods, CEO of Your Parking Space, told the Liverpool Echo that their “seamless” hack is missing an important detail.

He said: “Although many commentators feel that if you’re willing to fight your corner you can potentially get out of a ticket if you follow this hack you still get a ticket and have to pay, be it because you can prove it. with receipts that your car was awaiting either repair or vehicle collection.



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“Cameras can also be used to prove the condition of your car, in addition to your claims, which must match what the parking attendant said about your case.”

And those who can’t could face a crippling fine and be taken to court under the Fraud Act, which would cost you hundreds of pounds in legal fees.

At worst, you could be convicted and face an unlimited fine or even sent to prison, Mr Woods said.

He added: “Leaving your bonnet open when you are not near your vehicle will only result in water damage or otherwise harmful intrusion and a temptation for thieves.

“That means if your car is damaged and you don’t have evidence of how the damage happened, you could be seriously left out of pocket.

“Paying for parking may feel like an inconvenience at this point, but ensuring the safety of your car will cause you far fewer problems in the long run.”

In April, motorists were warned that a TikTok trend could get them in trouble with the law and even jail.

The craze known as car camping or stealth camping involves outfitting your car with everything from foam mattresses to blackout blinds, then spending the night indoors.

The movement has gained momentum in the US but is also growing in the UK, with #stealthcamping receiving 9.5 million views on TikTok while Google searches have doubled following the trend over the past year.

Enthusiasts report that it gives them the freedom to go anytime, anywhere without worrying about the price.

However, would-be auto campers have been warned that doing so can result in some hefty legal penalties if done incorrectly.

CarStore CEO Mark Akbar shared his top tips for motorists to get involved in the madness safely and legally.

His main warning was that “sleeping in a car while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is illegal in the UK and Britons can face a hefty fine of £2,500, 10 license points or even jail time.”

“Even if the car is stationary, you could still be legally in control.

“So if you’re considering camping in your car after a night at the pub – think again!”

The Road Traffic Act 1998 states that motorists can be penalized for crossing the border while in ‘control’ of a vehicle, not just when driving it.

He also advised campers to be aware of possible parking fees and turn off the engine and heater to avoid battery drain.

Even stopping at a gas station can result in unexpected parking charges after two hours, according to Mark.

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He also warned against driving tired, no matter how far away the destination is.

His advice: stop every two hours to stretch your legs and get some fresh air, as well as plan sufficiently long stops at hotels or campsites.

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