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Unpopular ‘Sex and the City’ Opinion: Carrie and Aidan would have gotten together if she’d stayed in therapy

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It’s no secret that Carrie Bradshaw picked the wrong men. Carrie admitted this in season 2 of Sex and the City. The famous sex columnist even saw a therapist, albeit briefly, for the problem. She ended therapy, rejoined Mr. Big and allowed him to influence her dating life until eventually marrying him. While Carrie and Mr. Big were happy in the end, we think her life would have been very different if she had stayed in therapy. As theories that Carrie and Aidan will get back together And just like that… Season 2 Swirl, we can’t help but wonder if she would have even broken up with Aidan if she had stayed in therapy.

Mr. Big and Carrie met by chance on a street in New York City. Even their early relationship was all about the hunt. The couple dated for about a year when Carrie realized her boyfriend’s commitment issues meant she would never be happy with him. She left him when they were about to go on vacation. It wasn’t long before the couple got back together, but Mr. Big’s commitment issues once again ended their relationship.

After their second breakup, Carrie’s friends suggested she see a therapist when she couldn’t stop talking about Mr. Big and how he had played her. She listened to their advice and started talking to Dr. Seeing G, a famous therapist, albeit reluctantly. The sessions did not last long.

In true Carrie fashion, the therapy didn’t last long. At the beginning of her therapy journey, another patient caught her attention. Seth also saw the celebrated Dr. G. Seth and Carrie were dating, but to her chagrin she found out that she had chosen the wrong man again.

Seth, portrayed by Jon Bon Jovi, met with Dr. G. because he lost interest in women as soon as he slept with them. Seth, predictably, stopped contacting Carrie after they slept together. Embarrassed by the ordeal, she stopped seeing her therapist for fear of seeing Seth in the office. She never found another psychologist, and her cycle of picking the wrong men continued. Carrie’s embarrassment prevented her from learning coping skills and gaining insights that could have changed her behavior. In a way, the decision changed the course of their romantic life. dr G. appeared only in the Season 2 episode “Games People Play”.

Carrie admitted her big problem was choosing emotionally unavailable men. Mr. Big’s fear of commitment drew Carrie to him. Jack Berger’s emotional volatility and Aleksandr Petrovsky’s selfishness were negative traits that also attracted Carrie to them. The only one of Carrie’s major love interests who wasn’t emotionally unavailable or somehow a mess was Aidan Shaw.

If Carrie had stayed in therapy and worked through her issues, she might have stopped chasing after men who were bad for her. She probably wouldn’t have entertained Mr. Big when he showed up to start an affair, and might have accepted that her stable relationship with Aidan wasn’t boring; it was healthy. We’re assuming that if Carrie understood what a healthy relationship looks like, she would have leaned into Aidan Shaw instead of pushing him away. In short, Carrie and Aidan would have stayed together if Carrie’s therapy history had lasted longer.

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