Friday, August 5, 2022

TWICE Nayeon finally gets first music show win, K-pop fans say ‘will always be POPular’

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Nayeon’s solo debut with “POP” was an immense hit, making history twice on the Billboard charts

Nayeon was the first TWICE member to make her solo debut with the lead single “POP” and became an instant hit. With girl group TWICE known for releasing at least one viral single like ‘TT’, ‘Fancy’ or ‘The Feels’ every year, there was no doubt that ‘POP’ took to social media from its catchy tune too. Refrain would become a madness until its end funny dance move. Nayeon also made history with her album, Im Nayeon, when she became the first K-pop soloist to enter Billboard’s top 10 by debuting at #7. But while the TWICE star topped the charts nationally and internationally, fans couldn’t seem to give her a music show win.

K-pop was popularized in South Korea through music shows rather than radio plays. With tons of K-Pop acts releasing new music every week and promoting on music shows, a win allows one lucky K-Pop act to stand out. And so a music show win is given a lot of importance by K-pop labels. But TWICE fans were left frustrated as Nayeon seemed to lose every nomination by July 10th. Some were even suspicious when the music shows were rigged to let less-charting acts like Kep1er and fromis_9 win. However, on July 10, Nayeon finally won her first music show win.

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On July 10, SBS nominated Inkigayo Sunmi’s “Heart Burn”, TWICE Nayeon’s “POP” and IVE’s “Love Dive”. Nayeon won in the end with 6922 points. It seems that she seems to be finding success even in the west as she broke another record on Billboard at the same time. On July 11, it was announced that the TWICE star had become the highest-charting female idol on the Billboard Artist 100. She debuted at No. 5 and is also the second highest-rated female K-pop act overall. “POP” also peaked at number 5 on the Billboard Japan Hot 100, making it the highest-ranked Korean song by a soloist in history.

The Knetizens were delighted that Nayeon was finally gaining recognition in their home country, as they shared comments like “Finally Nayeonㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Congratulations, congratulations” and “Nayeon, you finally got number 1! Congratulations.” One user wished, “I hope Nayeon knows that yes, music show wins are great, but at the end of the day her song charted very well, got great reviews and that’s what matters. I hope she doesn’t feel down because it was so hard to get this win.Apart from IVE, she lost to much less popular acts.Another user shared: “About time!! Nayeon got robbed all week! “

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Nayeon wins first music show win

One fan tweeted: “Look at the idols on stage singing and dancing to pop! This is the result of releasing a great song! Nayeon, you will always be POPular and successful.” Another TWICE fan wrote, “Not that she feels so happy about a music show win when she’s literally the first Korean female solo artist in history to top 10 on the Billboard 200 is the top-charting Billboard album sales, the highest-charting kpop soloist on the Billboard Artist 100 (#5) etc. 😭 She’s so precious 😭 Nayeon best girl.” Similarly, one fan found Nayeon’s reaction cute: ” Nayeon after hitting the top 10 at bb200 and being the first kpop soloist to do so: omg thank you once ❤️ nayeon after winning a music show: OMG once thank you for giving me a win at the Musikbank A DREAM COMES TRUE IS THE BEST.”

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